View Full Version : 'Return to Na Pali' info?

17th Feb 2000, 03:00 AM
Hrm... well I suppose it might be around if you search (you could get it by mail-order).

To be honest I don't know if mac Na Pali exists. You see it does a parralel install of the lot (yes, I know, it's lame) so you don't even need Unreal to run it (despite what it says on the box).

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17th Feb 2000, 03:46 AM
I've been unable to find much information on the Unreal mission pack 'Return to Na Pali' Is it still for sale? I haven't been able to find any place that has a copy.

BTW, there's a twist. I have the mac version of Unreal. I think I can still get the mission pack to run though, by basically doing a "custom" install (It should work, 90% of the mac and Windows versions of Unreal are identicle). I'll need to know exactly what the mission pack consists of. Does it modify the unreal executable? I'd imagine it's just a big "mod" install.

Anyhow, ANY info would be appreciated. (For all I know, a mac version of the mission pack could exist, saving me the trouble.) Windows or mac, it don't matter.


24th Feb 2000, 11:29 PM
for walkthrus and info

checkout BestBuy, Electronics Boutique (if youre in the states)
Also check other computer stores.
maybe even KidsRUs