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3rd Dec 1999, 06:28 PM
How do I do backflips?
Some of my friends told me
that the players does this automaticaly
when running backwards and jumping.
Others that I have to press jumo twice while in air.
I typed "behindview 1" in the console to check it out but neither of them worked.
Anyone knows how to do it?

3rd Dec 1999, 07:14 PM
Yeah easy, make sure your air control is higher than 30% and dodge forward, and in mid air go backwards, simple

3rd Dec 1999, 07:54 PM
I just double-clicked the movement button and that would cause you to flip in that direction. Example: double-click the move forward button and you'd flip. You won't see it through your eyes but others will see it.

4th Dec 1999, 01:37 PM
bravo1, your wrong. how do you know that uf you can't see it yourself, I tried that iwth behindview 1 and I didn't backflip.
about that other comment having aricontrol higher than 30, ill try that,
is normal air control on 30?

Lizard Of Oz
4th Dec 1999, 08:21 PM
I'mm 99% sure you CAN'T do back-flips in UT.

I tried the method mentioned above...no back flip. With air control set at 40, you can dodge foward and quickly move backwards and you do a FORWARD flip but land behind where you started.

35 is the default air control in UT.

It is possible in Quake(?) by simply jumping backward.

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