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20th Feb 2000, 01:39 AM
should it come out that is...

ok, unreal and UT are usually played with a mouse and joystick (or keyboard). the PS2 only has a joystick. sure it has the 2 analog controllers (one for moving, one for looking) but trying to reach the buttons in the middle of a fire fight will suck large. sure it has the two L & R buttons, but that only allows 4 commands. how wold they handle strafing, weapons, jumping & ducking or items with so few buttons?

and most importantly of all: the thing that makes Unreal and UT so much fun are the Mods and Maps. with the PS, you wouldn't be able to download or make any of these.

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20th Feb 2000, 01:52 AM
I sincerely doubt that UT on the PSX2 will suck. I mean, they'd have to try REALLY hard to deliberately make it suck. The PSX2 has enough power to spare. Right now they got it up and running, but slowly and it's only like 10% done. Imagine what they can do in several months. Most games wouldn't even be up and running this soon.

But now the controls. Well, this is the way I'd do it.

Left Analog Stick - lateral and forward/backward movement.

Right Analog Stick - look

D-Pad - change weapons/select items (U/D select items, L/R select weapons).

The movement of the sticks is proportional and auto centering, so you'd have to hold it at a position to look that way continually. With the exception of the turning movement of the Rt. Analog Stick, it's the usual "the more you push, the more you get".

The Left Analog Stick acts like a D-Pad in the manner that it's like having Auto-Run on all the time (walk isn't used too much).

The "Shape" buttons - various taunts/cmd's through a simple command interface like the one in UT now, but less complex and more direct. Circle is like the V key on our keyboard.

L1 - Jump
L2 - Duck
R1 - Fire
R2 - Fire2

See, they can do it.

Now mods and D/L's. Well, they're supposed to have broadband access for the PSX2, so I assume Epic could just code in a feature which would be used in the future when they have that. It could take advantage of the larger capacity mem cards and download small mods. I don't know about custom skins/weapons. Mods could also be server side only, like Tribes (you can play Renegades in Tribes without D/L'ing it).

Of course, it would be interesting if the PSX2 was compatible with the PC servers... nah.

Yep, I definitely think they can pull this one off. UT PSX2 will rock. Maybe they'll call it Unreal 2?

UT 2?
UT Championship Ed.?
Super Unreal 2 Championship Ed.?
Super Unreal 2 Turbo Championship Ed.?
Super Alpha Turbo Unreal UltraDeathmatch Tournament Ed.?

Ok... that was just dumb.

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20th Feb 2000, 11:26 AM
Uhh, have you not noticed that for the Dreamcast there is a keyboard, and I swear god damnit they better release a mouse. But I am sure that the same will go for the PS2. I am pretty sure there will be a keyboard released for the PS2, as for a mouse, they better release that too and make UT/U2 compatibile with it.

But I don't think they're gonna leave that out because I hate playing Golden Eye on N64 because using the joystick majorly sucks *** .

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20th Feb 2000, 01:12 PM
Erm no I don't think UT for PS2 would be called Unreal 2 given that a game called Unreal 2 is already being made as a sequel to the original Unreal game. Which rocks despite how good UT is.

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