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4th Oct 2001, 07:13 PM
Got a quick question for you all:

We are making our ut content ready to be released, as we will soon be shifting the development gears to the newer engine; thus resources that would be poor at best in the ut version of the engine.

Thus, our projects have to use the UT material for the best effect, and though we have our own bot class, i would like to know how i can apply a wrapper to the bot system (ie have 'SynigenBot's, but applied over the UT bots; maintaining the model, skin, voice and the like, without having to specifically select a 'synigen bot' in the bot menu.) basically i am asking: "how can i implement a bot and carcass system, that uses the selected model, skin, voice, and works with a modified botclass, and thus applies the same model to the carcass as well?"

THanks for your help/

5th Oct 2001, 07:11 PM
Not sure how to do this exactly, but you could have a info class with all the bots vars(default props) and it would store the ut bots setting(perhaps in a array) then place it in a newly made nine fires bot

5th Oct 2001, 09:49 PM
what are the ut bot vars though? ie how do i read them and apply them to the Synigen bots as they are created in game? is there any way jsut to make the bot simply read off of the user amde bot list setup?