View Full Version : Is UT worth it as a SP game?

oscar meyor
3rd Dec 1999, 03:14 AM
I'm not conected to internet on my gaming computer so I'm just wondering if I should buy UT or not for the SP experience.

3rd Dec 1999, 03:18 AM
no its not the game is dead


3rd Dec 1999, 03:52 AM
Wow... you know that was much funnier than seeing it in the other thread.

As far as UT for the SP game is concerned... IMHO, it's definately worth the price of admision. The bots can be very challenging on the higher settings, without ever giving the player the feeling that they're cheating. (i.e. 100% accuracy/always knowing where the player is/etc.)


3rd Dec 1999, 05:04 PM
Yeah I'd definitely say it's worth it. I always found playing with bots in Quake pretty boring, but these bots are FUN to play with. They act more like human opponents than any others that I've seen, in any game. Heck I think I've played MORE SP UT than I have online.. it's just so easy to load up a map with 10 bots and start fragging and having a blast doing it.

Definitely worth the price.

3rd Dec 1999, 05:14 PM
IlIIllllI1, do you know how friggin' annoying it is when the screen stretches because you're posting that crap fake certificate of yours.

If you're gonna preach that Q3 is better than UT, don't do it on here. It's like trying to tell a Rangers fan to support Celtic.

3rd Dec 1999, 05:19 PM
It depends on what you want out of it. I didn't find much of a storyline in the sp, so I didn't enjoy it that much, but if you like tournament syle games like MK4, etc., UT SP would be your cup of tea.

3rd Dec 1999, 05:20 PM
Oh man, UT is bags of fun, single, or multi.
I must say that multi is just soooo smooth. But, that might be due in part to my cable connection.
I havent encountered one bug yet. I have a p2 350 128mram TNT2-Ultra, and the game at 1024x768 full detail is butter-nut smooth. Its as smooth as snot on a door knob!
The diversity, and choices of game play are numerous. This is one quality title.
ID has some very serious competition for on-line supremecy!

Half-Full, not Half-Empty

4th Dec 1999, 12:50 AM
I enjoy loading up the floating pyramids and letting the bots slug it out below, while sniping them off from the top of my team's tower.

Yes, the single-player game is DEFINITELY fun.

Mr. Clark
4th Dec 1999, 01:06 AM
If you are not connected to the net, this is the closest you will come in a long time to FEELING like you are playing a net game! I love net games, and I have MOSTLY played SP since buying UT... the bots are really... UNREAL! Go get it!!!

And for the JAG who posted the death certificate, get a FRICKIN' life you loser! It's sooooo obvious that you are a lifeless, teenage computer geek who spends 24/7 on the PC and will NEVER have a girlfriend or a real life. My GOD, it's just a friggin' game!!! Why don't you go blow the Quake staff if you get off on them sooo much!

"In my business... I have another motto. It's 'Live and Let Die.'"