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1st Dec 1999, 11:42 PM
EPIC... What is up with the network code? Lag lag lag is killing me... making it very disappointing to play a multiplayer game online. So much so that I'm ready to take it back... Its been 5 days since I've had a steady game. I have a DSL modem and run at the ISDN speed... but still LAG LAG LAG... Just for comparison, I connected to a quake3 server *on the exact same machine* and no problems whatsoever.

2nd Dec 1999, 12:15 AM
whatever. I have difficulty believing this; however, if this is legit, then there is something you are doing incorrectly. There are lots of guides posted on these pages, look at one of them and if you have a DSL connection, you'll never see above 120 ping.

2nd Dec 1999, 12:22 AM

Here they have a small program you DL it click on it and in my case it tripled my download speeds for my ADSL connection. In UT my pings are as low as 55 and most servers are in the low 100's. UT play is point on zero lag and zero packet loss. Did you in UT options/preferences/networking tell UT you have an ADSL connection?

2nd Dec 1999, 02:03 PM
when you say lag...how much lag? whats your ping

my friend has a dsl connection and he's gettin a higher ping on it than anyother game (150), but it's not lagged at all.

2nd Dec 1999, 02:11 PM
oh god....why do these ignorant people keep opening their big dumb mouths about this subject? if you had any brains whatsoever youd notice that PING and LAG are almost always dependant on the server itself. netcode affects stuff like bandwith consumption and behind the scenes stuff. if you play on a ****ty server not even the best netcode will help you. if your connection sucks, thats your problem. UT's netcode is damn fine. the only reason people preach Q3's netcode is becuase there are alot more servers available for it, and many more quality servers put up by serious people. this is what makes it look good.

2nd Dec 1999, 06:23 PM
Damn stright Voyd. Damn stright.

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2nd Dec 1999, 08:15 PM
AMEN. Couldn't have said it better myself.

2nd Dec 1999, 09:05 PM
I think what Voyd said should be on the box of every UT copy /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

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2nd Dec 1999, 09:10 PM
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3rd Dec 1999, 01:20 AM
If the UT netcode is so "damn fine", then why can I not connect to a server over the internet? Why do many of my clan mates report heavy lagging? Why do we also find that network traffic from the server is continuing *after* we disconnect from the server?

Between us we have experience tuning and playing from Quake to QW to QII to Tribes on
modems/ISDN/DSL/Cable modems.

Denying a problem exists does not make it go away. Assuming that because it works OK for you that if it doesn't work for someone else they must be an idiot is shortsighted. A lot of similar complaints have been made by quite a variety of people.

And as for my problem (which worked fine in the demo), I have yet to get any response from GTI tech support. UT is the *only* internet game that I have not been able to get working with minimal trouble. So that is not "damn fine" netcode.

3rd Dec 1999, 08:57 PM
Again, being a web developer, I completely understand the difference between PING and LAG... Frankly, the PING isnt a terribly good indication of your SERVER connection because PINGs use the ICMP protocol a "YOU-MUST-TRANSMIT-THIS-PACKET" protocol, whereas UDP is a "TRANSMIT-MAYBE-IF-YOU-POSSIBLY-CAN" which could also be called "LOSSY". Therein lies the problem... I see a 98 ping regularly, 150 ping on a bad server. Nevertheless, I can still COMPLETELY lag out of an existing session.

Being extremely knowledgable about Internet protocols and networking topologies, AND proper network coding and concepts, I fully understand what is the problem, AND WHY Q3A has a MUCH better track record in this area.

I will go into depth about WHY Q3A's network code is better in a future posting if I get more responses to this post.

Thank you all, and hope to see you online when I'm not lagging


3rd Dec 1999, 11:43 PM
this is a very complicated game in the graphics end and the game play!!
there is alot of info being sent to the server when you play!
this isnt q1 with graphics that a p 90 could handle!!
also i beleive that the ping rating might be an average ping let me explain:
we will take a 5 second span of time for this
1st second ping:50 good game play
2nd :50 staying pretty even
3rd sec : 200 momentary lag time by the server no biggy if only for 1 sec
4 : 150 coming back done to normal
5 seconds later :50 back to normal

ok your average play was at 50 ms (3of5)
but there was a bit of lag then it went back to normal
now lets average the MS totals
(50+50+200+150+50)/5 (gets the average)
so that gives you an average of 100 ms
also the ping time when you press f1 in the game updates bout every 5 secs or so
so even if your ping says 100 you actually might be playing at 50 ms for over 60% of the time
well thats my theory anyways

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4th Dec 1999, 12:45 AM
I'm staying offline and playing the bots..Atleast they don't lag and freeze up on me.. You know something, I would have to agree on all you UT players up to a point..But as it may be common sence could tell you the game is the problem not the person playing the game /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif If you only new how many players out there play other games like Half-Life TFC, Tribes Ect.. And do ""Not"" have internet troubles playing those games over the net, I would have to say then if UT's netcode is so perfect then I and All the rest should not be having any trouble playing over the net.. Another thing, I never had to go through all the trouble to tweak my modem nor change any of my setting in the other games I do have... I know you people are defending this game with all your heart and are satified for its playablity over the net for you,and I respect that.. Now respect the ones who are not having the great connections like you , and give us a break with your condeming words.. UT was not just developed just for a few people to play, it was made for all to enjoy, and I see not all are benefitting from this game like they want to.. Now you can ignore me, run me down, call me a UT hater in your mind, or just complain about it!! But the fact remains, that the game itself is not stable over the net like you would think it to be .. I laugh everytime I post and you fail to read the part that all my other games I have play great over the net, and don't even for a sec. stop to think hey now wait a minute here, maybe there is a problem with the netcode, although its not effecting me it might be affecting others.. But as usual everyone want to assume that there' not because their close minded people with no care in their bones..But thats ok, I will live with the fact that UT has this problem and just play it offline and enjoy it that way, although I would like to be enjoying it over the net .. But not a possiblity.. I thought I fixed the problem earlier but failed there ...Atleast I have my old Unreal and Tribes and Half- life that play great over the net /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif and play UT offline to give me a break from those games .. The mind has a hard time accepting the truth about something, and thats what happening here.. I know how easy it is to not accept the truth, because it bothers me so!! I have 5 great IP's and its not them nor my system nor my modem.. Accept the truth thjat UT's netcode is not performing like it should and could eventually get worse as time goes by.. I am trying to prevent that from happening, because I love playing UT .. But without support from others out there, I am wasting my time .. This game has potential, but if its not going to perform right oner the net, its gonna fall fast I am afraid.. I complained that QIII was bad, yes its playablity over the net was nothing to brag about.. Although it is still a demo it lacked stablity.. I did not notice any change from the demo to the full version of UT as far as netcode goes.. And I think they did not make that fix like they said they were going to do.. And if they did I see no results that would make me believe it!! So before you go popping your mouth off to people posting problem about this game, stop and think about it....

If money talks, bull**** will walk!!!!

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