View Full Version : how to limit UCC make to one package?

2nd Oct 2001, 08:20 PM
Hi, finally weaned myself from UED2 for compiling, and set up my .uc files under Classes in appropriately named folders, and used ucc make to compile the package.

What's the syntax to limit the compile to just the package/folder i'm interested in, rather than it compiling everything it can find?

Also, can i have other stuff in my Classes folder along with my .uc files or will it mess with it? I'd like to remove certain .uc files from the compile by renaming them to .txt files, so i still have the code right there to refer to even when i don't want it in the package right then.


3rd Oct 2001, 01:20 AM
ucc looks up the EditPackages list in UnrealTournament.ini, so to eliminate anything you don't need as a dependency just comment it out or delete it. For individual small projects I like to setup a combo batch-file plus an UnrealTournament.ini with only the packages needed for this project:


@echo off
del blah.u
ucc make ini=blah.ini

And for blah.ini just make a copy of UnrealTournament.ini, rename it, and then change the EditPackages list. Make sense?

5th Oct 2001, 02:50 PM
unless you are making a really advanced project, i cannot see how you are making anything that does not use botpack.u as a dependancy; thus removing the editpackages list may create some unfortunate side effects when compiling. As for making, ucc does not actually make thos efiles; it only makes the ones where it goes through and compiles, and for the others, it simply loads them for use but and sub dirrectories that happen later in the editpackages list.

5th Oct 2001, 06:08 PM
Yes, but if you're only making a new weapon there's no reason to load uwindows, utmenu, umenu, unrealshare, unreali, uweb, ubrowser, etc etc. Unless you have plenty of memory (256+) you should see a noticeable improvement in compile times by simply commenting those out.

Unreal doesn't recompile those packages, yes, but it does load them into memory if they are in the editpackages list, and when you have hog packages like unrealshare that have a lot of art content in them, you're wasting a lot of memory and time by waiting to read those files. By all means, load all those packages for no reason if you really want to...