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2nd Oct 2001, 12:47 PM
Hi All,

To start off, I'd like to say that I am relatively new to UnrealScript. So apologies beforehand if I am not "accurate" with the terminology and/or the question(s) are too simple.

As a part of my dissertation, I am trying to develop a prototype in which I want to hook up Unreal to a PROLOG system on Linux via a 'C' program running on the Linux machine that receives the messages.

The Linux stuff is doing the job. I have also got a small UnrealScript (a sub-class of TCPlink) to receive messages and spawn "objects" in the world when running an Unreal in client-server mode. That is, I can "spawn" the outcome of my Prolog System (PS) when I run PS as a client of UT server.

However, my goal is that I'd like the player to interact with the map (i.e grab a Decoration) and as a result of that interaction (i.e moving sth) send a string to my C program and spawn the outcome in the map.

Well, I've been trying just to send messages from Unreal to my C program but to no avail. In the attachment you'll find the code of a small class that I've been using to try to send messages and the server.log.

I guess my questions are:
-Does anyone have experience on sending strings from UT?
-Has anyone any idea about what's the best way (approach) to achieve what I want?

This is a completely non-profit request, and you will be acknowledged (credited for your contribution) in my dissertation and in anything that comes out of it, for any help that you can provide.

Perhaps, my questions are a bit open-ended but any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.


2nd Oct 2001, 12:50 PM