View Full Version : Buddy search in UT?

2nd Dec 1999, 08:15 PM
Anybody know how to search for buddies in UT online games? Is it a feature in-game? How about Gamespy support for UT?

2nd Dec 1999, 08:22 PM
Good question!! I'm also interested in finding people online - 1) those who I know are good team player to join up with and 2) A couple people (ranters, whiners, lamers) who need to be taught a lesson /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

2nd Dec 1999, 08:39 PM
I was told at the UT realse party that epic was going to have this an ingame feature but it never happened. So there is no buddy list or ICQ type thing for UT but maybe in the future.

2nd Dec 1999, 08:42 PM
Well you can log into the IRC thing and people can follow you where ever you go. But a "find a player" feature much like they have in gamespy is totally necessary. I'm gonna email this suggestion to epic and ask that yall do too. If enough people ask for it they just might implement in a patch.

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3rd Dec 1999, 09:01 PM
um, duh... i just launched my registered copy of gamespy and it supports UT (demo and registered) AND displays players/buddies. my dumb.

3rd Dec 1999, 09:03 PM
I guess I'll have to register my GameSpy copy now... damn... I need to come up with a good idea like that, that people will throw $30 bucks at you