View Full Version : Is it true???

26th Nov 1999, 07:01 AM
Hi, I have heard that when you beat the Single player tournament mode, that you get a new model to choose from for multiplayer. Anyway, if that is the case, how do you back it up once you get it? I'm about to format my computer and I would like to know how to back up the save file or whatever I need. Thanks. And I don't feel like backing up the whole directory or even the whole system directory, so please just tell me what file(s) I need. Thanks.

26th Nov 1999, 02:54 PM
Okay, I beat the game and YES I did get the new skin. Well, can someone tell me how to save it so that after I format my computer, I don't have to beat it all over again? Thanks.

3rd Dec 1999, 08:50 PM
just save your user.ini file. It saves all that info.