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3rd Dec 1999, 03:49 AM
I have one thing to say to you..You think that the netcode in the Q series is so good?? Why on earth did it take three (3 for kids under age 8 like yourself) days to tweak Q3 to play online....I have a 56K and it would not play online ....It took alot more tweaking than UT took. I had only to type in netspeed 3500 at the console to get UT to work great...Q3 I had to make files and change files and alot of background research to find out how to set it up...The reason maybe that you find UT is not to your liking is that you dont know how to set it up...read my instructions above..open console type in netspeed 3500..higher if you are on something faster than a 56K. Next find a server in your area. You are ready to go unless you have other problems (mental included). As far as your problems with UT running slow and not to good on fps....If you want to play the best game out (yes I said the best game out)you gotta have a decient computer to play it...Stick with your 200 mmx if you want but (most of us) instead of complaining about it do something about it!!! Plain old deathmatch gets boring.....Q3 will have what deathmatch and ctf??? Thats why they will lose big time..They need to expand into more team based games. Once they do that they might stand a chance...untill then there is no comparision in the two games. The quake series has a big group of people following it. It will go on but unless they decide to move on to bigger and more intensive style of game play they will lose out big time. The one reason Q3 is going gold is because the makers realized **** if we dont get this out now we are gonna lose alot of buisness....why??? UT. They should have taken longer and added more stuff to it. I would imagine Q3 will not have 3/4 the following of Q2 Why?? UT...Untill it comes out we will not know but I would imagine after it is out and the serious gamers compare the two alot will switch back to UT.
Why?? Same old sh*t in Q3 as in Q2....Graphics??? Dont even try to compare the two Q3 loses. It make look great but in 256 colors hahahahahahaha!!!!!

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3rd Dec 1999, 03:51 AM
ahem ut is dead

3rd Dec 1999, 04:10 PM
Not one response??? Well besides showing something you made on your dadies computer....You cannot give a comeback??? Your a joke!!!! Well I could make that too but who wants to bore everyone with something they already know is true the real death is to Id software..If you have gotten Q3 yet which I heard someone already got.....Q3 is just the demo with more skins and about 30 maps. You know where my money is staying..In my pocket because as long as UT is around Q3 dont even exist. Why dont you go and buy Q3 then run your mouth because it is nothing more than the demo..oh and a certificate saying that you bought Q3.

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3rd Dec 1999, 04:30 PM
Maybe barcode bought Q3 - but got tired of it already, cause it's just the same ol Quake game?

"It's 'Thrakkorzog'! With a 'K'!"

3rd Dec 1999, 04:44 PM
Well it just got out (Q3) and people are already complaining about a cd check...Id is trying out a new way to stop warez material..It has to authinticate online..They have big problems here...heheheh They should have tested it more and if they could not get it to work right take it out..I will stick with UT..at least on this game you only need to have the cd hahaha ID what a joke!!! They are already bringing up it is no different from the demo besides you have to pay for it and get 30 maps plus some skins...What a joke they should have left something to the imagination!!!

3rd Dec 1999, 05:24 PM
Heh, I was one of those Quake followers the fell away, I guess it's the same old style.