View Full Version : Converted a Q3 player (sort of)

3rd Dec 1999, 05:01 PM
Well after hearing all the arguments and seeing the insipid posts from bar-code boy (yay, I can use Photoshop too) I just had to give this a try... I went to a friend of mine, Quake nut, probably one of the best players on the net, been playing forever. I asked him to try UT. He was skeptical of course, said he'd played an early beta and hated it, how Q3A was going to be so much better, blah blah blah. But he said he'd give it a shot.

So we sat down and played through all the DM levels with about 8 bots. By the end of it, he was definitely a convert. He said it was a ton of fun, he LOVED the weapons (he thinks they're much better than Q3A's) and he loved the bots. And that's without even trying any of the cool team play fatures.

Now, he's still mostly a Quake player, so I don't think he's jumped over the fence completely. Let's just say he's straddling it now. Which I consider a victory.. going from "played a beta and hated it" to "Wow this game is great, I'm gonna play it AND Q3!" /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif