View Full Version : Unreal Tournament dies friday!

1st Dec 1999, 10:42 PM
Quake3 should be out almost everywhere by friday. Nice knowing you Unreal Tournament but your going to die!

1st Dec 1999, 10:45 PM
Big deal Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Wingznut PEZ
1st Dec 1999, 10:59 PM
Why do you care, I| |III| |I|1I|i?

Why do you care which sells more, or which has more people following it?

Seriously, someone answer me. KingKong (among others) comes in this forum all the time to bash UT. Really, what's the point?

I just don't understand. Someone (preferably a UT hater) explain it to me. Why do you guys care so much about UT, if you don't even like it?

NOTE: I've asked this question a few times before, and none of the UT haters have responded. Figures.

Wingznut [PEZ]
ICQ #29598363

1st Dec 1999, 11:02 PM
ill respond. you never asked me before. the reason i care is i bought ut and its a very bad game. it only has 5 models. the netcode seems ok not great like q3s. it seems to depend a lot on the quality of the server. so you need a super computer to get a decent ping. in q3 it doesnt take a super computer for a server. the game also takes for ever to load and to close. q3 is fast. it opens in a matter of seconds and clsoes even faster. i can run q3 in 1280*1024 16 bit color with everything on high detail textures everything. ut i play in 800*600 16 bit color medium detail textures and skins and get < 30 fps most of the time. that is very bad. the best part of the game is the maps and most of them suck. theyre are some fun ones and that is the best part of the whole game.

1st Dec 1999, 11:05 PM
Xan is gay and so are you spaceman

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1st Dec 1999, 11:06 PM
Hey gayboy. I have a question for you? How do you know Xan is gay? Oh I forgot you guys have "gaydar" :P

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1st Dec 1999, 11:18 PM
no i just looked at him and saw that he looked like he came from a gay dance club and you looked the same so thats how i know hes gay like you.

Wingznut PEZ
1st Dec 1999, 11:29 PM
Hmmm... well, I don't have the full version of Q3 yet, so I cannot say how fast the thing opens/closes. I am running UT at 1024x780x16, with all audio and video details on high, and I get very good frame rates. I recently bought a new house, and being as though neither cable nore dsl is available here yet (and it's a brand new neighborhood... go figure), I am on a 56k. I think the UT netcode is great. You know what, there are thousands of people who aren't having the same issues you are.

But this still doesn't answer my question... What does all your whining accomplish? Are you trying to get UT fans to decide that they don't like the game? Do you really think that someone who likes this game, is gonna have an awakening, because of one of your posts?

I bought the new Creed cd, the other day, and guess what? I don't care for it much. But you won't see me crying about it.

I guess what I am saying is "get over it." Nobody really cares what you have to say, when you have nothing constructive to say. Take the game back, sell it to somebody, or play frisbee with the damn thing.

Wingznut [PEZ]
ICQ #29598363

1st Dec 1999, 11:33 PM
Ummmm...you had to post this same message here and at the GT forum? Maybe you're a bit nervous that your precious game wont stack up to UT.

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Wingznut PEZ
1st Dec 1999, 11:42 PM
Liquid_SiN, but that's still my question... Who gives a rat's @ss which one sells more. Why is it such a competition to those Q3 guys.

Don't get me wrong, I'll get Q3 and play the hell out of it. It's not a "black and white" issue to me.

Do UT fans visit Q3 forums, to bitch about Q3? I've never seen this quantity of sh*t before, on a forum.

What is the poplular Q3 forum anyway?

1st Dec 1999, 11:44 PM
IIIIIIIIIII, compared to UT on my dialup connection, Q3 runs very poorly, and lots of Quake players admit that it is poor, as of the last patch. I can't believe how good UT plays on a 26.4K connection, but then I haven't been spoiled with an ADSL connection to compare the two at that level of ping. I hope you have fun with Q3, because it's nice when everyone can find something that they like. If you think the games of the future are not gonna require some kickass high-powered servers to run them, then you are sorely deluded. Welcome to the future, UT is here now.

1st Dec 1999, 11:49 PM
if you were a real gamer, you would look forward to owning both UT and Q3A, duh!
i just dont get why so many people think that its one or the other, get a job fool,so you can own both and play the piss out of both of them. i love UT for the beutiful details and awesome weapons(both categories own compared to Q3A)but i also cant wait for Q3A, its as well will rock. late!

1st Dec 1999, 11:49 PM
I hate Zealouts period.
I love Q3 and UT.
And both were great for me on the internet.
Both Offer differences that I like.
UT has tons of weapons that can kill ya a million ways Plus its an easy dm game.
What I mean is this. IF your good at q3
you can be GREAT AT UT. Now The Models in
Q3 I like better. The Bots I also like as well. But UT offers me a bazillion maps already And There are already some classics
You give Quakers a bad rap. But the other thing is. FOLKS PLEASE I BEG YOU.
LISTEN TO REASON. Don't respond to idiots like him. ITS that simple. YOu don't respond and guess what? They go away like a bad memory. HE OFFERS NOTHING TO US.

Now on a seperate note And this is something I said once and I will say it again.
PLEASE FOLKS why Do you assume that all
Quake fans HATE UNREAL OR ARE SOME ZEALOt MORONS LIKE THIS GUY? And why do you guys think that The shugashack messageboard
represents the entire quake community.
I said it before go to the
planetquake/forums. And look at the posts.
Out of like a comined 25K posts There are like maybe one or 2 that even mention ut.
Ya see. You guys allow some loser like this guy into believing that his posts matter to you. WEll if they truly don't PRove it.
IS it that hard? IF you want to know what my thoughts are on the final version of Q3.
Well you can read them at the Planetquake forums. Nuff SAID on that.

IGNORE THE LOSERS,They will go away.
Also IF your a fool who goes to quake forums and is attacking quakers. PLEASE STOP.
Your just causing a domino effect that will only hurt the UNREAL FANS.
CAuse The truth is there are more Quake fans.
And I Am not saying its because UNreal is worse or anything. Its just how it is.
But there is no need for this childish flame war to continue.


Ash:"I said your words..
I got the book so send me back. Like in the deal!

1st Dec 1999, 11:50 PM
Barcode? Is that you? The same guy that was banned from the planetshogo forums? Man it's been awhile. I didn't know you would convert to Quake 3. Whatever, make fun of UT all you want, it won't make the game better or worse. Hmm are you just trying to get banned from as many forums as possible?

Just call him Barcode. He thinks his name is p1mp /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge...

1st Dec 1999, 11:51 PM
a good server for ut must need quad xeons with a gig of ram and an oc48. for q3 you wont need a super computer and the framerate i get is horrible for my system. p2 400 128 mb and a geforce. like i said i play q3 in 1280*1024 everything on high and 3d sound and get a great framerate.

1st Dec 1999, 11:51 PM
I aint gonna lie. I'll be there the day Quake 3 is released to buy it (never played quake 2 believe it or not). I will play whichever I enjoy more (which looks to be UT but who knows what the full version of Q3 will bring to us). I have read a couple quake forums and I never see Unrealers there preaching about our game. Get this! Go read my post with the subject "Vincent Diaz" Some guy took the time to email me about my poor taste in playing UT!!!!!

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1st Dec 1999, 11:51 PM
thats me /~unreal/ubb/html/biggrin.gif !! im the same person who spammed the lith forums many times. hehheehehe

Wingznut PEZ
2nd Dec 1999, 12:00 AM
I gotta reiterate... Get a life, man.

Wingznut [PEZ]
ICQ #29598363

2nd Dec 1999, 12:11 AM
They come here because in their 12 year old minds UT is a threat to everything they hold sacred: Quake. They are egocentric little people with nothing better to do than start a flame war. They are here because UT is good, damn good. There isn't a bad review out there--anywhere. This scares the **** out of them, especially concering the relative quality of the Q3 tests compared with the UT demo. I am confident that they do not like UT, but I say this knowing that they don't like because they force themselves not to, before they even tried it they convinced themselves that it was bad. They are little, very little people.

2nd Dec 1999, 12:44 AM
This celey 400 does a real nice job... 96 meg ram... As a dedicated server on a 10mbps lan it runs perfect. Couldn't ask for more. Well... Maybe a faster network. But with 12 people playing it smooth as silk.
Granted... A lan is not the internet, but the way I understand it an oc3 is far faster than a 10mbps lan, and we all know that not everybody running a server has an oc3... That same system has a diamond viper 330 in it and I manage 28 fps untweaked at 640x480 in software mode. The smoothest 28 fps I've ever seen. Amazingly playable. I've done so myself.
Can't compare it to q3. To be honest I haven't tried it. The "test" takes too long to download on a 56k modem.

So... What exactly is your problem?

Lizard Of Oz
2nd Dec 1999, 01:09 AM
If you don't feed the Trolls, they go away.

"There is no point in tip-toeing through life to get safely to death."
"Whom ever sacrifices freedom for security get's nor deserves either."

2nd Dec 1999, 02:23 AM
I know Q3 is coming out on Friday, but I don't understand how me sleeping with your Mom this Friday is going to seal the fate of UT.

2nd Dec 1999, 02:28 AM
UT has such high resource requirements... I mean I'm only getting 40-50 fps on my Celery 300 (o/c'ed to 450) and a 16 MB TNT. Oh did I mention with full detail turned on?

Yeah I dunno why some people get all defensive about Q3 when it's not even out yet. If the game's so hot, why not just let it speak for themselves? Truth is, I just think UT is more FUN than Q3. Maybe it's just because Q3 is a demo, but I'll reserve judgement until I see it.

In the meantime, who cares!? If a game is fun, play it! Geez it's not like Id isn't gonna make their money if they don't stir up some business or something. Sheesh.

2nd Dec 1999, 05:04 AM

u guys make such a big deal out of UT and Q3
The fact is that we all FRAG may that be from Q3 to DOOM
The games where made for us to enjoy not to start wars.If u want to start war go and do that in the game

Keep fragin the freakin planet

2nd Dec 1999, 09:40 AM
About the net code, I'm convinced that Quake 3 has better net code. In UT my ping may go as low as 60 but rarely, Q3 I can get 50 and even in the 40's and that's most of the time; while in UT I would say my average ping is 100.

I'm using @Home cable modem.

2nd Dec 1999, 10:13 AM
ha Wingnutz you bought that creed cd and I think it sux. godsmack is so much better than creed so you are a lozer.

j/k, Wingz - my argument is pretty lame, huh? You have a good point, and there is way too much criticism here from the id fanboys. Maybe I'll like Q3 better than UT? Maybe I'll end up playing them both? Yeah, Q3 will probably sell more than UT - and many will jump on the Q3 bandwagon as being "the best multi-player game." But I don't see much innovation in Q3, so I don't think one can argue that UT is a game worthy of ridicule, because it's "different" from Q3.

"It's 'Thrakkorzog'! With a 'K'!"

2nd Dec 1999, 10:32 AM
i CAN PICTURE THIS GUY SITTING IN HIS LIVING ROOM....I GOT MY PONG HAD IT ALL MY LIFE ...It's the only game there is. Let them have their fancy computers pong is the one and only!!!!!! Muhahahahhahahahha!!!!!
My gosh can't you fanatics realize that you are allowed to like both??? Sheesh

2nd Dec 1999, 11:33 AM
Whatever IIIIIdIot just go enjoy Q3. :p

2nd Dec 1999, 11:43 AM
LOL, I thought this was a UT forum. I have never seen more out-of-topic discussion in one place. If you guys really liked UT then you wouldn't be posting replys to the above. Why do you even let it bother you?

2nd Dec 1999, 11:54 AM
For the same reason you reply to our posting about their posting.

2nd Dec 1999, 01:09 PM
I'd like to make a post about you posting about their posting. We DO love UT and we are defending it for all those who may say nay! We are the keepers of the post, the defenders of the forum, the....uh...er...actually it's were just taking a break from all that UT fraggin goodness.

2nd Dec 1999, 01:16 PM
Yea but seriously, why do you care out what everone else thinks, having fun is all that matters. By the way, I'm logged in at school and I'm bored, thats the only reason I'm posting this.

Wingznut PEZ
2nd Dec 1999, 05:39 PM
Ummm... Thrak?

I don't believe I gave you permission to post on this forum. Go back to the little Rit forum hole you crawled out of.

Godsmack? I could never get that album, after I heard that steaming pile of sh*t song, Voodoonotalentwhatever. The first couple of songs that I heard on the radio are pretty good, though.

2nd Dec 1999, 06:24 PM
Folks, do NOT waste time responding to IlIIlllIlIIllllI1tthllpttt, or whatever his tag is. This is the guy known on many game forums as Barcode (thanks to that ridiculous ID) and he never, NEVER has anything good to say. People all over the net have wasted untold hours trying to argue with or convince this guy of one thing or another, and it's like talking to a rock. He thrives on the confrontation. The best thing is to do absolutely nothing with his posts. Never reply, never respond, nothing. He's been banned on at least two forums, and more than once. Just let him die a quiet, pathetic death.

2nd Dec 1999, 06:25 PM
this is getting way out of hand. i say this to all who play UT and Q3A:

"Together we unite to frag all who oppose us"

why fight and fuss? that does nothing. period. nothing more, nothing less.


2nd Dec 1999, 07:26 PM
Just got into work, so I have a few minutes to kill. :-)

Barcode-boy is like all the other 12yr-olds (or less) out there who use PCs - they're not SUPPOSED to be playing games like UT OR Q3A, as the games are rated mature (how many of YOU would let an 8th grader play UT or Q3A without activating the filters).

In addition, he's 12 (or less). He doesn't know squat about tuning his system. He expects a game to plug in and run. That's what CONSOLE SYSTEMS are for. Closed hardware platform, no problems. You can't get UT to work? Come back and bitch after you've spent 10 years tuning your boxes. Until then, shut up and learn.

Barcode boy's just too stupid to listen to others (he's 12, what do you expect?). He lucked out and Q3A runs fine. It's a quirk. He's a moron.

Ignore him, he'll eventually grow up. :-)

BoBVila ]|[ Arena
2nd Dec 1999, 07:32 PM
You forgot to mention his age. It seems to be around 12.

3rd Dec 1999, 03:19 AM
what if...?
Well, then you are giving them more credit in the "smarts" department than they deserve.

"It's 'Thrakkorzog'! With a 'K'!"

3rd Dec 1999, 03:20 AM
i told you it would die today here is proof!

3rd Dec 1999, 03:21 AM

Iranian Border Whore
3rd Dec 1999, 03:46 AM
Just bought Q3A. Epic in no trouble what-so-ever. Q3A is good, but UT is Better /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif. ID spent to much time detailing the damn maps. But the Q3A models are awesome...

3rd Dec 1999, 08:37 AM
I was just kidding Wingznut - I think godsmack is as equallly crappy as creed.

"It's 'Thrakkorzog'! With a 'K'!"

3rd Dec 1999, 02:56 PM
Here's some food for thought. What if they make posts like this in order to get us (well, not me, but whoever has posted on this thread) to do exactly what we're doing?

Just a thought

10th Nov 2001, 08:27 AM
So what's the latest Godsmack cd like? Heard a single from it not so long ago on MTV (yeah really.....MTV).....it sounded good.

10th Nov 2001, 09:21 AM
Was it necessary to bring this to light again?

10th Nov 2001, 09:24 AM
im assuming this is an old thread, because I was about to rip barcode a new a$$hole

i'll still be playing UT when UW comes out... there are still over 3000 server for UT... i will only be CONVINCED UT is dead when there are less than 200 vanilla ( ctf,dom,dm,tdm,lms,as) servers left

10th Nov 2001, 09:58 AM
wow this thread was made before I actually bought UT! I still had the demo! lol

Regas Dekker
10th Nov 2001, 09:36 PM
Cause the Quake fanatics have little peckers.

10th Nov 2001, 09:38 PM
I 8 1 SOUR 1 2

11th Nov 2001, 12:40 AM

Guys, they have the dates that posts were made for a reason. So you DON'T do something stupid like rip people who never come here anymore a new one. :p

Gee, UT sure died a slow one. Q3 didn't kill it, U2 will. :D :rolleyes:

Who knew the forum was infested with so many idiots way back when? (not hal or any of the others that posted then that still post today, but you know who I mean :p)

11th Nov 2001, 06:53 AM
that's why i thought my comments were apt.

btw... eye 8 another sour 1 2


11th Nov 2001, 12:00 PM
quake netcode never seemed right, i mean you set up your own server and you lag and its says plug ur phone line in or check it or something.

plus ur comp must suck if it takes forever to close ut lol takes not even .0000000001 seconds to close on mine.

11th Nov 2001, 03:29 PM
hmmm... this guy was wrong, cuz hardly any1 plays Q3 now, yet UT is still going strong, prolly cuz of the lack of mods for Q3 an the large amount of good UT mods. i got Q3, but it dont compare UT IMO, Q3 has nice graphics, but once u completed it, its dull, and it is actually a LOT slower over the net than UT for most people, online Q3 with anything less than cable is impossible, so u were wrong mr.barcode m0.

11th Nov 2001, 04:37 PM
Wait ... you mean Unreal Tournament didn't die on that Friday back in 1999?

Anyway, it's actually a good thing this thread surfaced again. I think alot of people who came into the Unreal series a bit after Unreal Tournament never realized just how much the entire gaming community thought Epic was never going to get even a fourth of the FPS players to look at UT, let alone stick with it, faced with ID's then upcoming "sure thing" Quake III Arena.

11th Nov 2001, 05:14 PM
Whoa! This is an old one... Never thought I'd see it again, but then again, dig deep enough and you'll find weird stuff... :)

UT never got mauled by QIII 'cause it's got a nicer feel to it, and it works better online for more peeps.

Still playing... :D

11th Nov 2001, 08:33 PM
woah, incredibly old post!

12th Nov 2001, 03:14 PM
LOL, I dunno.....this is just kind of amusing now. And barcode did manage to get a UT death certificate due to Q3; with CliffyB as one of it's parents. That elicited a chuckle, at least, if only because it's so very very wrong ;).

12th Nov 2001, 03:31 PM
Games never die, as long as one person is still playing them...

Yeah I know it's silly.. but true.


Just imagine this fat, stinking guy sitting in his couch, in front of a dated computer with an 8 mb vc, the year is 2003

Yah UT nevah died!


12th Nov 2001, 03:51 PM
Interesting way to think about it! It's kinda like the toy that's always alive so long as it's loved by a child....or something.......

12th Nov 2001, 09:23 PM
Wow!People had some really freaky nicknames by then.

13th Nov 2001, 11:52 AM
Originally posted by IlIIllllI1
a good server for ut must need quad xeons with a gig of ram and an oc48. for q3 you wont need a super computer and the framerate i get is horrible for my system. p2 400 128 mb and a geforce. like i said i play q3 in 1280*1024 everything on high and 3d sound and get a great framerate.

:D HaHaHa... that's bullsh** Q3 do need super computer too! but you said great framerate maybe I guess at 30 to 35 fps..:p

You are funny about that quote. haha.. nice try..


13th Nov 2001, 01:47 PM

First time reading this thread... Looks like someone was perty wrong! *cough*IlIIllllI1*cough*

15th Nov 2001, 10:08 AM
how the feck did this get brought back?

15th Nov 2001, 04:40 PM
Originally posted by DIGITRON
how the feck did this get brought back?
Have no idea...
But look! Two years of Unreal Tournament and it's still very popular!!

15th Nov 2001, 05:17 PM
thats cause UT Rules!

Wild Weasel
17th Nov 2001, 02:22 PM
They hate UT because of all the features that UT has and that Q3 doesnt have/ Q3 has that UT doesnt ,

and they remember it because of the features that UT has and that Q3 doesnt have/ Q3 has that UT doesnt

slimmed down: they hate it because they remember it, and they remember it because they hate it

its a ongoing cycle

21st Nov 2001, 09:19 AM
Yup Yup UT is very famous....
it has over 3000 servers in the world already!!

Q3 has 980 servers... small...

You can't remove UT with your life!!

Yup UT's Rules!


21st Nov 2001, 09:47 AM
p2 400 128 mb and a geforce. like i said i play q3 in 1280*1024 everything on high and 3d sound and get a great framerate.

/me points up and says People that lie like that go to hell. unless by great framerate you mean 30fps :D

Q3 sucks goat nuts outta the box, the weapons are all boring and all the levels are textured in the same dark way to hide the fact the most of the maps are lame and the textures are all alike.
Q3 sold a hell of a lot less units then UT, I have the exact numbers at home (I am at university right now) don't make me post them and embarass your sorry Q3 lovin ass.

PS-this all brongs closure to my being now :)