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3rd Dec 1999, 01:28 AM
Whats the deal with XAN? I can get ahead of him by about 4 kills then he starts wiping the floor with me? It seems like at first I can kill him with on rocket or flack blast. Once I get ahead by about 4 kills, It takes MUCH more to kill him. I even unloaded the entire rocket gun (multiload) at him and 2 hit him directly and the rest hit right next to him. HE DID NOT DIE! He also did not have shields at the time.

3rd Dec 1999, 01:31 AM
Use multi rockets and stay by the shield to keep him from getting it. Thats what someone had said to do.

3rd Dec 1999, 01:48 AM
I have tried that, but once I get ahead by 4 kills Mulit rockets dont kill him any more. I am usually sucessful in keeping him away from the shield though, but he still gets it occasionally. It seems like his hit points go up as he auto adjusts his skill.

3rd Dec 1999, 03:28 AM
I cheated.

Seriously, I had it set to Experienced. When I hit the final rounds with the bots, they just wiped the floor with me. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to waste time trying to beat bots that have upped their AI rating and are busy killing THEMSELVES - that irked me the most, that they would kill themselves and cause me to lose the rounds not because I died, but because I couldn't find them fast enough to kill them.

Anywho, Xan's funny when you're god. He just has NO idea what to do about you. Shoots stuff at you, and when you don't die like a good little loser, he is utterly dumbfounded. :-)

I set it to Experienced, not Godlike. Game should have stayed that way. Oh well. His skin and voice aren't all that great looking, either. :-)

3rd Dec 1999, 04:32 AM
Well... I died again. How do you lower his difficulty? I was able to keep up a lot longer this time. We were almost even until 11 kills each. Then he got REALLY HARD! Since I never got more than 3 kills ahead of him he did not get as hard early in the match. I think he adjusts if you do.

3rd Dec 1999, 04:40 AM
Hey, that's a good question! Is there a console "cheat" to FORCE a difficulty level on the bots?

3rd Dec 1999, 12:01 PM
Doesnt matter what difficulty level you start at because Xan is an auto-adjust bot. It may seem impossible at first to beat him, but you gotta realize that you can not play him like you normally do. You will not out quick Xan, you will not out aim Xan. You have to play defensively. Xan has all the powerup respawn times downpat so beat him to them. Frequent the hall where the shieldbelt is and keep your health above 100 using the heal vials there. Dont be afraid to run. If you're at 60 health and Xan is chasing you with the flak, RUN!

The first match I had against him I got beat 15 - 2. The second match was close but I easily took the victory after following this strategy.

If you have any problems with what I just said then I welcome you to click here. (http://members.xoom.com/longshaft/biteme.htm)

3rd Dec 1999, 01:17 PM
I did this, I slowed down the gameplay in the setup 50%
Id rather not do this, I want to try him without cheating, but I did and defeated him without any skill adjustments.
He still whipped my butt like this.
I try to keep the invisibility/armour and shield away from him. The invisibility takes longer to respawn, thats a good first grab.
A good trick is to trap him while he's grabbing the armour then wham him with multi rockets.
I also was running around, and apparently XAN
had gone full armour, and full health
and grabbed evry weapon possible, and I found him just standing around in one of the lower levels doing nothing.
I knocked him off, heh

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