View Full Version : ServerAdmins - maps from nailcity not working?

3rd Dec 1999, 10:33 AM
I downloaded three different maps from nailcity last night. Was hoping to get them going on my server. Ran into some troubles with loading 2 of them. They cause the server to core dump. I also tried to load them onto my PC and niether would run. It complained about something missing. Has anyone had much luck with the maps from nailcity? The one that worked was DM-RainbowSix. The two that didn't were DM-Camalot and DM-thepure. Oh another problem I found is the map files are named wrong. For them to be selectable they must have "DM" as the first two letters. I don't think any of these maps had that right.

As a side note, it appears epic is having some DNS problems. I am unable to resolve "unreal.epicgames.com". So my server is now down. I tried multiple DNS servers and none of them have an entry for them. Anyways any info would be appreciated. Thanks.