View Full Version : Serious multiplayer problem, help please!

3rd Feb 2000, 03:49 AM
Ok, I got Unreal a little while ago. I tried to play multiplayer deathmatch, but noticed I needed a patch. SO I got the latest patch (225f) and tried again. If I connect to any server I spawn, and can see other people and messages etc. But after about 1 second everyone dissapears. I can walk around on the level, but can't die or pick up weapons. I don't know wtf is the problem! Anyone who knows about this or has any ideas please reply.


12th Feb 2000, 03:16 AM
Guess what? I got that same exact ****ing problem. Only once was I able to connect and play. And boy, was it fun, when I played that once, I had almost no lag or anything, dammit! Then I play UT and get a terrible ping, what a joke... I guess I'll be bot matchin' and SPin' it for a while, which isn't bad at all.

12th Feb 2000, 10:17 AM
are u using the unreal browser which is when u connect to the internet and then go on unreal go to multiplayer then join and look at those.
I used to have the same prob but now i use this it does work.
dont use gamespy!!!!

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12th Feb 2000, 10:52 AM
What is your ISP? Sometimes if you have a ****y ISP such as AOL this will happen. Also trying playing on servers that only have pings below 400.

12th Feb 2000, 02:24 PM
Well, of course I don't have AOL, it blows. Ususaly there are a few good servers in the 290 - 350 range that I attempt to connect to them. And yes, I know Gspy blows too, too much of a hassle and it takes forever to refresh servers.

13th Feb 2000, 12:47 PM
The answer is simple.. Go with Cablemodem or DSL!! Gone are the hassles with high pings, losing connection, having to reconnect and a tied up phone line!
And if you do go with a regular phone line avoid AOL, SWBELL, and MSIE at all costs! I found Unreal to work best with Juno. It's cheaper than most other ISPs too.
A 3dfx accelerator works best with UNREAL too. I've had a bunch of problems with my TNT Diamond Stealth card, so i purchased a Voodoo 3.

That's just my experience of it all.. hope this helps.