View Full Version : Why cant I copy This CD????????????

3rd Dec 1999, 04:09 AM
I thought you were allowed to make a backup copy of an existing CD?? I have a terminal at the office and wanted to leave a copy there but when I try to burn it I get an error message "CDrom cant read file"??
Is this game encoded? I heard of a software site that has a way you can get around the anti copy deal is it true?? I think your allowed to archieve a copy as long as it stays in your possesion???
Can anyone help??

3rd Dec 1999, 04:12 AM

Read that thread.

You've go two options:

1) Get the gear to copy the disc properly.

2) Use a cheesy crack that will probably be rendered useless by the first patch to the game.

I chose option 1. And yes, I've successfully used the backup UT disc I created. Read that thread for the details on how - page three, I believe.

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