View Full Version : Well I give up.....

3rd Dec 1999, 03:28 AM
I dunno after about a week of trying I still cannot get UT to run well in a on-line game. For some reason it always runs crappy. The best I have been able to get from UT is around a 350-400 ping. When playing with this ping over my 56k modem it is playable, but just BARELY. Plus I keep getting killed because of the lag. Its almost pointless. Well I won't return the game since I like the single player game and because I might be changing ISPs or getting a faster modem like cable. Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to get this thing to work for me. I don't think I'll be able to do it with my current set-up though. I don't blaim Epic the net code is prolly fine. For some reason though my connection over multi-player is messed up. I use Earthlink and I can brose the web and download ok but games over the net suck for me. I will have to look into Cable modem. Right now they have the service near me for 30/month.

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