View Full Version : Unreal 1 and Hercules GeForce DDR-DVI

9th Feb 2000, 02:44 PM
I was told on an earlier message that there is a switch on my card to make the card run in bright and dim mode. I can not find this switch. I turned up my brightness all the way in Unreal 1 and my monitor is on all bright settings and it's still too dark. I was told this was done because of an Athlon bug. Well I have a P3 500e processor o/c to 666. (btw, this fixed the flickering triangles I was getting onscreen when I overclocked the AGP bus in case someone wants to know) I'm running Windows 98 and the textures are also very blurry

anyone know the answer to my problem?

also I'm running Win2K now and Quake 3 is WAY TOO DARK using the 3.72 drivers from www.reactorcritical.com (http://www.reactorcritical.com) but Unreal Tournament runs just fine with the right brightness level

13th Feb 2000, 09:03 AM
Nevermind I guess. I'm using 226a Unreal 1 patch now under Windows 2000 Professional and OpenGL rendering and it looks GREAT, EXCEPT the skyboxes get a little screwed. Other than that, great framerates and Visual quality. (70 fps and all high quality)