View Full Version : coders required to overhaul deus ex

23rd Sep 2001, 04:01 PM
Thanks to a severe lack of coders within the deus ex community I have been forced to cast my net into the general unreal community to find help.

I am in need of one or two experienced coders who are willing to get their hands dirty and overhaul Deus Ex into pretty much a different game.

Such things as the hud, player camera, movement rates, command system, weapons, ai and general mission scripting all need to be changed. It isn't a small task and not something I can do myself (my uscript knowedge is limited to say the least).

We are a total conversion called "Preachers" (website coming but forum already up at: http://www.modfactory.net/phpBB/viewforum.php?forum=26&27 ) and we can basically describe ourselves as a anime/cyberpunk TC in an original universe. If you want more infomation or are interested then contact me at Schizo_slayer@yahoo.com if you would like to apply then attach some examples of your work.