View Full Version : TNT2 to Voodoo3 Switch: Buy my card?

2nd Dec 1999, 10:44 PM
I had some gift certificates left with Amazon.com, so I bought a V3 3000 to improve the play with UT. I had a standard TNT2 card.

I am a little disappointed. The framerate only went up by 9-10 fps (the average went from 36 to 45). At high resolutions, the the V3 is kind of ugly (lots of pixelation, edges crawl, textures look drab, everything is dark), almost like Q2. Levels do load faster.

My guess is that I could have gotten the same fps with a TNT2 Ultra, plus it would have kept the game nice looking, for the same price.

Anybody want to buy my TNT2? It is a 4 month old Diamond Viper 770, in perfect shape, in it's original box. It cost me $149, I will sell it for the best offer in the next week. Post your offer here. You pay shipping!

2nd Dec 1999, 11:47 PM

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2nd Dec 1999, 11:52 PM
get the lastest drivers for the V3..they help. I have no problems like that. My colors are rich and it is not dark at all..

V3 3k..