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23rd Sep 2001, 08:46 AM

I was first planning on making a Deus Ex singleplayer mission set, sort of a "total conversion", but after a while now I have become quite unsure about whether I should actually go for making it for Deus Ex or Unreal Tournament.

For one thing, UT uses UnrealEd 2, whereas Deus Ex uses UnrealEd 1. For another thing, it appears to me (that means it is a big possibility of it being incorrect) that making models for UT is easier than for Deus Ex, since some programs can directly export to UT format or only need one additinal step, whereas Deus Ex seems to require you to go through many steps to get it into the game.

After 'careful consideration' (just needed to say that, it makes me sound like someone who knows what he's talking about ;), I've come to the conclusion that UT is probably the best game to make this 'mod' for.

However there's one important thing that makes me question the usability of UT over Deus Ex for this... saving games. I am planning on saving in-between mission stuff in config files, but I for one dislike games where you can't save in-game (like Hitman, though the game was otherwise awesome)... if I'm not completely mistaken, UT was built on Unreal 1, which means it should have the possibility to save games like Unreal 1 did, and I've also heard about people doing exactly that... however, I also heard that some people had problems saving more than once without first exiting UT...

So basically what I'm wondering is, is it possible to save games just like in Unreal 1 (using console commands, so I can code it myself), and if so, how?

-- zenzelezz

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23rd Sep 2001, 02:37 PM
I will cross-answer then :)

To save under UT (and unreal)
consolecommand ("savegame"$#);
where # is the save number (as saves are between 0-9999).

As for the save bug, it is because UT defaults the savepath incorrectly.
I use the following hack in oldskool amp'd to fix it.

(in my gameinfo's postlogin())
if (NewPlayer.player.IsA('WINDOWSVIEWPORT')){
if (!(NewPlayer.ConsoleCommand("get core.system savepath")~="..\\save"))
NewPlayer.ConsoleCommand("set core.system savepath ..\\Save");
else if (NewPlayer.player.IsA('MACVIEWPORT')){
if (!(NewPlayer.ConsoleCommand("get core.system savepath")~=":save"))
NewPlayer.ConsoleCommand("set core.system savepath :Save");

To load saves, you use
ClientTravel( "?load="$Selection, TRAVEL_Absolute, false);
Selection, again, is the save number.

23rd Sep 2001, 03:21 PM
Thanks a million! =D You just saved me from thousands upon thousands of crashes in UnrealEd 1 (at least they seem that many when they occur ;)

/me gets back to mapping and coding (attempting to anyway =)

<Honestly, if you were from around here I'd buy ya a Coca-Cola>

-- zenzelezz