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2nd Dec 1999, 10:14 PM
Newly formed website, The Oxygen Tank, is in search of a news guy or gal interested in posting news about Unreal Tournament (or anything else PC gaming related for that matter).

The job is volunteer, but you will have access to "StaffZilla" which makes posting news a breeze (thanks to our CGI script monkey), and get to hang out with the other cool staffmembers.

We need someone with a lot of free time and a fair amount of gaming knowledge.

Drop me a line if you're interested, thanks



2nd Dec 1999, 10:19 PM

we have lots of other cool stuff like a hand written forum and commenting on news system. The site only gets around 2,000 hits a day, but it can grow if we get some more staff to help with the news load.

Big thanks to anyone that doesn't mind pitching in..