View Full Version : Man those Ro-Bots are hard!

2nd Dec 1999, 04:18 AM
nuff said!

2nd Dec 1999, 11:29 AM
The bots are so good in UT that sometimes I think that they really are taunting me. *shivers* its creepy.

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2nd Dec 1999, 04:53 PM
I will tell you whats scary about them.. I have used the invisble shield and just running around watching them they camp out and if you don't watch out you will get sniped by a bot that you did not see walking up behind you and I mean walk not run + if they start to run low on ammo they will run from you until they find some provided there not backed up into a corner sometimes they will use I guess its called the jackhammer and try to strafe to your back side to nail you !!! Man them bots are sneaky.. But fun to watch.. Try watching a match as a spectator sometime..You would almost think their human..

I am the one!!!!