View Full Version : does anyone even know how to get a lan game going?

29th Nov 1999, 05:32 PM

29th Nov 1999, 05:46 PM
Yes. What have you done so far.



29th Nov 1999, 07:07 PM
can you see the computers in the network neighborhood??
Go here to find out exactly what to do http://gtisonline.com/pc/ut_faq.html
scroll down to multiplayer and look around
Most people tend to forget that for some reason Unreal and UT require a ip address that begins with 196. or 197. or 198. It does however work with others but they do recomend it for some reason still...mine is
my boys is
notice that the number only changed by one digit
also set the subnet mask to
on each machine....You have to make sure you have your machines linked through the network( you can send and recieve files from each computer)
I highly recomend that if you dont know what you are doing not to change anything (have someone chage it that knows how)...also if it is at your place of employment dont even think about changing settings....They will get highly pi$$ed at you
Note these things in this faq does not tell you everything to setting up a lan just why you cant connect...Tell us what you did so far to link them together

2nd Dec 1999, 01:11 AM
ya...that was the deal, we figured it had to be something with the IP's and we didn't have them set to start with 196, 197, or 198 so that's why...thanks for the help everyone...

2nd Dec 1999, 10:37 AM
my ip's are 10 1 1 1 and 10 1 1 2 and it works fine.