View Full Version : Cmon all you U.T. diehards, making custom taunts?

1st Dec 1999, 03:57 AM
hey biiggin fast...wht do these taunts sound like..I am wondering if you are hearing homemade ones or just stock ones that are somewhat hidden? I am very curious about this same subject...thanks

The more I learn...the more I realize I don't know $#!%

1st Dec 1999, 01:58 PM
there has to be people here that know how to make the custom taunts, I was online last night for hours and almost every server was using custom taunts, explain it to me please I beg you!!!!

2nd Dec 1999, 03:21 AM
The taunts you are probably hearing is the boss (A robot voice). Just think of it this way, if you can hear it, then that means you have the voice on your computer. Just beat all the deathmatches on single player and you can use the boss voice and skin

2nd Dec 1999, 09:02 AM
Would that be the Xan character, or is this a different boss? I've been trying to find that cool voice and taunts as well...