View Full Version : ****, the bots are tricky...

1st Dec 1999, 07:06 PM
I was singleplaying 4-on-4 in Assault-Mazon with 7 bots. My team finally fought our way up to open the main front door. After we all died, I ordered my team to wait by the respawn, and rush them all at once through the front doors.

I hung back just a little to take out the turrets, while letting my team-bots advance through the front doors safely.

Then I ordered them to hold position briefly as we re-grouped.

Then I ordered them to rush for the reactor core. They all "Rogered that" and off they went. Again I hung back.

One by one, my team died, and I was hurting badly when I finally made it up and have the button to the reactor core in sight. One defending bot was still guarding it. We fought, but instead of trying to kill the defender, I desperately reached for the button to open the door. I made it!!! The doors openned, but...

In the heat of battle, I didn't see a blob of green goop right under the switch. I died.... What a snicky bastard.

Bots are as fun, especially until human newbies get a good understanding of Assaults.


Mr. Clark
2nd Dec 1999, 12:25 AM
I know alot of people would disagree with you for various reasons...
BUT, I have to agree completely!
I have hardly touched the multiplayer game yet. I get total satisfaction out of the tourney game and the practice sessions (tweaking my bots, and then controlling my squad, who, unlike REAL players, actually LISTEN to freakin' tactics!)
The bots even seem to have their own personalities somewhat!

"In my business... I have another motto. It's 'Live and Let Die.'"