View Full Version : Nt server admins Help me!

1st Dec 1999, 08:52 PM
I am currently running a server off of one my college's Pentium 3's (I work for a jr. College). I do this without their knowledge, and since UT server minimizes in the system tray noone knows the better. I can run it fine, but since the computer has a web site running off of the default listenport, I can't remote web adminster my game. I don't have admin privileges on the computer (NT 4.0), and I don't know what other port I could use or how to use it. Please help me out if you can, I want to be able to switch game types and configure things through my browser. Thanks!

1st Dec 1999, 11:51 PM
Do what I did: set the UT admin port to 8888. Then, when you want to admin the server, point your browser at home to <IP>:8888/ServerAdmin, and viola! ut admin