View Full Version : Q3A better have something surprising for my eyes..

1st Dec 1999, 03:39 AM
I enjoy playing Quake 3 as well as Unreal. At first I didn't think of Unreal as much of a game that would be fun with death match but after I got my hands on Unreal Tournament I thought otherwise. Unreal Tournament has surprised me and friends with the Assault and CTF games. The graphics are great with vibrant colors and the music goes well with the environment.

I intend to buy Quake 3, but from the demo I'm not convinced that it's going to have as much flavor as UT. I believe id got Sonic Mayhem and some other metal group to do the music so you know what to expect there. I'm just hoping that the maps aren't all the same shades of orange and brown.

I just have to end saying that I was surprised by the outcome of UT. It's very fun to play and it runs great on my Creative TNT (using Direct3D).

1st Dec 1999, 07:17 PM
Right on!

We echo your sentiments. Let's hope more people feel the same way because it was a painful thing watching the Unreal scene die down, and this game (UT) is fully deserving of support and accolades from the online gaming community!

1st Dec 1999, 08:10 PM
I think I will wait to buy Quake 3 Arena for a few months. Hopefully then the bugs will have been worked out of it. Just seemed Quake 3 went gold mighty quick after UT went gold. I fell the demo ran like crap and think the full version won't be much different. Just my feelings.

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