View Full Version : Performance is Unacceptable w/ Geforce

1st Dec 1999, 06:00 PM
Anyone that has is having success with their geforce vs sli -- please email me your configuration in order to get unreal working right. Things like driver versions, file locations, etc are helpful.

DrGrey says that he had this problem in demo, but now that he is full retail, that his TNT2 is out performing his SLI. I have a pre-order version of UT, does that make any difference? My buddy has a TNT2 ultra, and he says its silky smooth too. He also is using the hacked .exe... any connection? Is this GEFORCE specific.

I am running a celery oc to 450. 128 mb pc100 ram...

I have dual 8mb voodoo2 installed and a GeForce 256, and I cannot get the geforce in direct3d to come close to the performance of my SLI. I am running the latest reference drivers on my board from Nvidia. I haven't installed anything other than the vanilla creative labs drivers. I tried to skip installing them, but reference drivers required those be in place.

this performance I am getting is just unacceptable!

I got it working in d3d, but its slower than crap. I checked the console to verify its using my geforce and recognizing it, but to no avail.

God, I hate the name Geforce. Its stupid.



Chad C
1st Dec 1999, 07:42 PM
I have experienced similar problems with the Creative labs GeForce that came with my new PC. I'm running NVIDIA reference drivers 3.52 i believe (that's the number not sure where the dot goes) there the next to latest as of now. The thing is at 1024X768 with all details maxed and 32 bit color I get an avg. fps of 30 which is fine once i get through the first 30secs of stuttering as the textures are being cached to memory. The problem is I did and still run the demo at these same settings and get 45fps avg. so for playing multi I usually turn down to 16-bit color. Also a friend of mine has a tnt2 ultra and runs it at those maximum settings and gets just below 38 fps on the full version of game --- so the problem does seem to be specific to the geforce... but i can't figure why the demo runs so well and the full version doesnt. Oh for reference my specs are PIII533, 128m ram, Aureal Vortex2 sound(yes i use 3d sound but i did in the demo as well and it only saves me about 2 fps).