View Full Version : Forbidden site?

1st Dec 1999, 12:41 AM
What do you all think? Is there some kind of an unwritten rule that we're not supposed to mention the site where people can go to have their UT game running properly, minus the cd check?

1st Dec 1999, 12:47 AM
You must be talking about the GT forum. It "hung up" on me. Thats right. It said the server has hung up on you. What the hell that place is always down.

You got a problem with what I gotta say? Click here please. (http://members.xoom.com/longshaft/biteme.htm)

1st Dec 1999, 05:29 PM
Nope, that's not what I'm talking about, L_S, but I'll email the site name to you.

1st Dec 1999, 05:33 PM
Can you e-mail me that site too?

1st Dec 1999, 07:14 PM
Ah, Grasshoppa, but first you must expose yourself, ....er, I mean agree to let your email address show in your preferences.