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30th Nov 1999, 09:25 PM
For the love of God I can't seem to beat Xan! Anyone have pointers or advice to give me? I'm not that graet at the FPS genre and only got into it recently with Half-Life and never had to go up against challenging bots or people (I only recently got into the multiplayer aspect with UT as well.)But I've gotten this far.. Any general pointers from the more FPS savvy out there?

30th Nov 1999, 10:00 PM
Hmmm. Dodge. Dominate Points, such as Invisible, Armor, and shield, because, if you get them, that means he cant, so even if you have , say, full armor, grab another armor if you find it, just so he cant =) also take ammo, when ever you see it.

This was a huge topic on the GT forums, hopfully someone can get you the link, infact, i think it was posted on this forum last week

1st Dec 1999, 01:24 PM
Like Apheleon said, Xan runs the powerups, so get there before he does. Stay stocked up on health as well by grabbing the vials in the U-shaped corridor (which, BTW, is a great place to ambush Xan when he goes for the shield belt). Xan is a crack shot and loves splash weapons like the rocket launcher and flak cannon, so use the level geometry as cover.

Most importantly, keep practicing. It took me at least 6-7 tries to beat him.

(Oh yeah, and try not to fall off the spaceship.)