View Full Version : Pauses during gameplay!!

30th Nov 1999, 11:54 PM
Does any one else has pauses during the game? It feels like if it was a hard disk swap but I don't think it is because my virtual memory is at 256mb. Other than this its very smooth when I play.

I have a PII 400, 128 RAM, V3 3000 and PCI128 sound card.

30th Nov 1999, 11:57 PM
What resolution do you play at? Try this in UT "advanced options/advanced/game engine settings", change the "game engine cache" from the default of 4MB to at least 20MB. This should reduce any hard drive hitching.

1st Dec 1999, 01:49 AM
What the hell are you talking about dude. There is no advanced options in UT.

1st Dec 1999, 01:51 AM
Sure is my friend just go to "tools/console" and type in "preferences" (without the quotes) press the "enter" key and away you go.

1st Dec 1999, 02:04 AM
What you said about having 256MB of virtual memory so you aren't swapping to disk makes no sense at all. That 256MB of virtual memory *is* disk space.

If you turned virtual memory off, then you wouldn't get any swapping (of course UT would crash immediately...).

I have run UT with 128, 256 and 512 MB of RAM. The only time I didn't get an occasional hitch was at 512MB.

1st Dec 1999, 09:31 AM
If it's pauses when you play online, I read somewhere that whenever a new player joins the game, everyone pauses for a split second as they connect (and apparantly this was a deliberate thing implemented by the programmers).

1st Dec 1999, 10:15 AM
yes god dammit, i also get those pauses. it has nothing to do with my machine becuase in the demo it never hitched ONCE in all the times i played it. i have 128mb of ram and i put the cachesizemegs at 64.

ive seen many people complain about this so its not just a coincidence. its sumthin in UT 400, plain and simple. note that this hitching in question only happens during the first game on a server, and happens randomly. player entering sometimes pauses it but not always. all other games on that same server are smooth as silk. anyways thats how it is for me.

1st Dec 1999, 12:38 PM
Thanx for your help RW. I put 40m of cache and the gameplay is just amazing. No more pauses and much better framerate, actually I never had framerate that good before.