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30th Nov 1999, 03:02 AM
Good points, Liquid. As much as I hate to say it, Galleon seems like a novelty kind of map. It's very cool and is a nice diversion, but not a very good DM map.

Put DMMorbius in an hear them bitch...I got tired of hearing them gripe about it in Unreal. I'd like to see the conversion of DMDeck16 (DMDeck17) if they wanna rehash the old ones. Or maybe DMStrictlyDeisel for 16 player rotations.

Yes, keep those one on one maps and bots out! Bots in team games to balance are fine, but not DM!

On Mutators..I like 'em, and Fatboy doesn't change the game too much, so keep it. But, let's see some servers with standard settings for a while at least! And I know it's popular, but InstaGib doesn't really belong in CTF. It takes alot of strategy out. Things like weapon/powerup control and armor are thrown out because you have a bunch of people running around like banshees. (It is fun though- heh heh)

Funny story on bots... someone renamed the bots on a server I was playing CTF on and it took me most of the match before I realized that all of my team were bots. That is a credit to the boys at Epic

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30th Nov 1999, 12:59 PM
I know everybody is digging this whole team game thing now, but I still enjoy deathmatch before any of the other modes. Me against the world, thats how I like it hehe /~unreal/ubb/html/wink.gif But anyway I just wanted to list the maps I think the servers should be running and which they should not, and hear everybody else's input too. Keep in mind these are my opinions. Obviously other people might see different. Also my comments on bots and other misc game factors I would like to see in severs are at the end.

Here is the curent default map rotation and my opinions on the maps
codex-keep it in
turbine-keep it in
phobos-keep it in
barricade-keep it in
liandri-keep it in
morpheus-love it
gothic-its okay, keep it in
tempest-keep it in
hyperblast-by far, my favorite
grinder-keep it
galleon-*vomits* please, this map looks cool but plays like sh1t.
zeto-keep it
pressure-another of my favs
conveyor-great atmosphere on this map, kinda large though, keep it in
peak-come on, what the hell. If you are cheap all you gotta do is camp the shield belt and shoot combos out into the hall and you'll win cuz their is a spawn point right there and the flak right up the stairs. This map is just too freaking tight. Hey lets see who can shoot flak the fastest.
curse][-hell yeah, a classic, I love it
deck16][-some changes I didnt like about it, but still ditto the above

Here are maps that are included with the game but not on the default rotation:
fetid-*vomits* definitely a filler map
fractal-hmmm..this map is cool for 1on1, maybe even three players, but not recommended for any more than that.
morbias][-oh yeah! put it in your rotation
oblivion-an average map, its okay, but not made for more than 3 players
pyramid-*vomits* what the..!?
stalwart-ummm..cool map but aint it practically the same as stalwartXL
stalwartXL-if I were a server admin I'd put this in my rotation but leave off stalwart

To sum it up pyramid, galleon, and fetid suck hardcore.
Fractal and oblivion are cool, but meant for very small games.
The rest are decent up to awesome.

As far as bots, NONE! I hate friggn bots. Maybe they are needed in team based games but they are pointless in deathmatch. Think about it. Why in gods name do I want to go online and play bots with lag when I can do it on my own comp with a 0 ping. But nnooooooooo, I still see servers with 6 or more bots!!! Why?! I want to play humans, thats the whole point! Arrghhh.....

Certain mutators are okay I guess, but I hate when people go over board. 12 godlike bots with 200% gamespeed, 100% air control, fatboy mutator, robin hood mutator, no powerups all at the same time is just annoying. Personally I strongly like everything at the default (hardcore speed and 30% aircontrol). There has to be some sort of standard.

Again these are my opinions on how I would like to see DM servers run.

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30th Nov 1999, 04:59 PM
Yeah fatboy is cool, I just dont like when they have a whole bunch of mutators going all at once. And you hit the nail right on the head with your galleon comment.

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30th Nov 1999, 05:50 PM
good comments. personally i havent played that much yet to formulate a good opinion on all the dm maps, but so far theres a few im not really enjoying, or have a minor gripe with.

-Barricade- i dunno, i just dont find it fun when your trying to fight inside the castle. its too cramped and the textures are too bland. outside around the walls and in the towers sniping is not bad, but overall i dont like this map that much.

-Galleon- its not bad. its definately a novelty map tho. fighting outside the ship is pretty fun with the jump boots and stuff, but inside its not natural at all. those wodden supports on the ground in the hull get in your way more than anything. blah.

peak- see L_S's comments.

pressure- i like it, but i think theres a lack of weapons for such a big level. when your playing with over 10 players its enforcer hell.

morpheus- it rules, but one gripe. WTF is the invisibility and Redeemer doing in there!?!?!?! i mean god, it doesnt get any gayer that that.sure you can take them out with mutators but its in there by default so thats what 99% f servers will use. it was perfect in the demo.

the maps not in the rotation ive only played in botmatches, so i cant really comment alot but anyways, Fetid sucks and so does Pyramid and Fractal.

Oblivion is on the borderline of being playable on the net. not a superb map by any means. Stalwart is too small for net play but StalwartXL is a really fun map for like 6 players or less. Morbias is, well its Morbias so naturally it rocks.

30th Nov 1999, 06:18 PM
Good point on Morpheus. It was perfect in the demo with all those weps. Invis is so gay because it IS totally invis against the dark background of Morpheus.

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30th Nov 1999, 11:23 PM
Yeah, the invis and redeemer seem more like they belong in team games like CTF and Domination. They are strategic there, but what was Epic thinking by sticking them in Morpheus??

Pyramid and Fetid seem like experimental maps for 4 or fewer players. My personal least-favorite is Pyramid. With the limited connectivity and gravity free center, it just doesn't work!

1st Dec 1999, 12:16 AM
I'd agree with all of SiN's choices and preferences...the thing I'd definitely like most (which I found another thread here talking about) is for the game speed to be set to NORMAL/100%, or whatever it is that the single-player game defaults to. Seems almost every server I've tried seems to be running faster when you're in the game than what I saw in the single-player mode, and I DEFINITELY like the slower speed better...it's much more fun to take guys out when they're moving realistically, than when they're zipping around and jumping back and forth like some old keystone cops movie. I know SiN mentioned playing at "Hardcore" level, but isn't this faster than "Normal"? If so, I'd sure like to see the servers slow things down a bit. And Like SiN, I HATE running into Bots in an online game. 'Nuff said.

1st Dec 1999, 12:22 AM
There are 3 modes: Classic, Hardcore, and Turbo. Basically classic is really slow and you cant jump as high as you can in HC or T. Hardcore is the standard (the default in single player and muliplyer) my ideal choice. And turbo is just really really fast. Of course, you can manipulate the speed by just changing the gamespeed too, so you could have a classic server running at 200% speed. Just plain annoying.

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1st Dec 1999, 02:24 AM
Don't give them any ideas! lol

1st Dec 1999, 03:21 AM
ANYTHING but bots on a DM server. I really don't like 'em for team games either, but I can see how some might want some to fill in on a slow server. Fractal and Stalwart are way too small, they make better 1-on-1 maps. Otherwise I agree with most that's already been said.

1st Dec 1999, 10:36 AM
Bots: Yes..in DM, but only for Number of Players=2. i.e. if you join an empty server, there'll be one bot in there to give you a workout, and he'll leave as soon as some real meat turns up. Come off it, you like tooling around in empty servers?

Weapon stay: On

Time Limit: 15 minutes....or

Frag Limit: Between 40 and 60 60 gets my vote, wtf are these dorks putting up 20 frag limit servers for? WTF is all that about?

The Gravedigger
1st Dec 1999, 11:03 AM
Server Admin CRIMES:

Using BOTS!

1st Dec 1999, 12:05 PM
Liquid_sin is 100% correct on all points. I hate to be a ditto head. But all the things he said I agree with.

Except Fatboy. I think that is just dumb. Most skilled players don't want to be handicapped for being good. And that is what appears to happen. If you are dominating or Rampagin, you are going to be a bigger target and all the others become harder to snipe. Its like affirmative action or something. lame.

Admins, Read what Liquid sin says, if you make all these customizations, you just splinter the community more. Most people want to know what to expect without having to learn all new settings on each server.