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30th Nov 1999, 11:10 PM
Minimal install (120 mb).

Playing locally there are no problems.

I can only very rarely connect to a game over
the internet. This is true whether launched from GameSpy, through entering an IP address, or from using the server list from inside the game.

What happens consistently is that I will connect to the game, and I get a burst of sound and some player taunts or messages (like for 1 second), and then I am alone. Other players are running in place, I cannot pick up weapons or open doors etc. Its like I am not really talking to the server.
If I bring up "stat net" it shows packets coming in, but nothing is happening though I can move around and even fire my gun.

I have tried disconnecting to and reconnecting to the server and it doesn't help. What is interesting when this happens is that I can disconnect from the server, and even quit the game, but I still see traffic over the modem. This is without any other internet applications running. Something doesn't know I disconnected.

My modem connections have been at 28.8-33.6
The rate in network settings is set to that

I had no problems connecting to games with the UT demo (or I wouldn't have bought the full game). With the full game I have been able to connect twice over many many tries and trying many servers.

I have tried disabling 3D sound. I have tried both D3D with my TNT and Glide with my Voodoo II.
I have increased the cache size to 16mb (I have 128mb). I have increased the network timeouts in the advanced properties.

I can and do play QII, Q3ArenaDemo, Tribes, Delta Force, Homeworld etc. etc. over the internet using the same ISP and settings.

WAAAH!! Help please!! My clan even has a server up now and I can't play on it... sniff...


1st Dec 1999, 12:29 AM
Try tweaking your modem according to the instructions in this article. I think has much improved my own machine with a similar connection to yours.

1st Dec 1999, 12:36 AM
I would figure a way to clear some space on your drive and do a full install. Also take HuFlungDung's advise and do the tweaks if your on a modem as they will help.