View Full Version : Surviving the fall into the abyss in galaīs peak

12th Feb 2000, 08:14 AM
hi folks
I play return to napali in unreal mode
In galaīs peack i felt down into the abyss
BUT clicking forward, is was like i was holding tight to the wall and gliding slowly down.
Now at the buttom it was dark and a few
skytroopers was there, i killed them but now
what do i do ?
Itīs dark end endless, no light can be used

anybody seen this wierd place ?

12th Feb 2000, 10:55 AM
There is nothing you can do. Go back to your last save and try not to fall.

12th Feb 2000, 10:57 AM
It's not like you are losing much, restart the map. It's a bug in the level that you can go down there without dying. The Mercenaries must have fallen off too.

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12th Feb 2000, 01:21 PM
hey guys
thank for your help :-))

i see we share the same singel-player manic
"hellscrag" do you also play it in unreal mode ? if so see my topicīs in your singel-player topic.