View Full Version : Is it me or does this neycode blow ...

30th Nov 1999, 11:13 PM
the demos were ok... i get in games with 150 ping and the red thing wont go away everything is delayed.. i got isdn so im not on a **** connection.... i hit alot of servers that 3335 would pop up and oddly i want the only person on the sever with ping like that.. though not all had it.... if there is a but or something..... is there a patch coming ?... cause its all good cept for that

30th Nov 1999, 11:16 PM
No problems here and I'm on ADSL. try another server perhaps.

30th Nov 1999, 11:29 PM
The problem is the servers that are up so far. Stay away from the non-dedicated ones as they temd to spike in performance. Keep in mind that the full version is sending MUCH more info back and forth, so I'm guessing similar pings in the demo will yield different results in the full version.

I'm also not sure about the pings that are being reported. They seem a little low when you compare them to the GameSpy calculations