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30th Nov 1999, 01:20 AM
I may be way off base, but I found that the Nvidia drivers later than 2.08 aren't stable with my TNT1. I've been seeing posts about the latest GeForce drivers not being stable on the TNT2. I would be careful about upgrading to the latest and greatest if you have an older card. It may cause more problems than it solves. I have also discovered that the card manufacturers version of the Nvidia driver tend to work better than the stuff direct from Nvidia. Experiment, but don't be afraid to go backwards if necessary.

30th Nov 1999, 04:03 PM
I haven't had any problems with any of the 2.xx series drivers. I am currently using 2.42.

Remember that the 3.xx drivers are for the GeForce! nVidia says that they are designed for the Geforce, but compatible with TNT/TNT2. I lost stability and performance with these drivers.

The nVidia Detonator drivers are much faster than the drivers I got with my card from Diamond.

30th Nov 1999, 04:23 PM
i disagree... i've had numerous problems with the 2.xx drivers, and the 3.53 drivers sorted so much out, especially with UT. And they run faster on my machine.

Nerf Crotchbat
30th Nov 1999, 08:04 PM
Just goes to show how inconsistant cards can be. I use the Detonator drivers because STB has all but stopped supporting the Velocity 4400 I bought just a year ago (they joined with 3DFX since...big surprise...) and STB hasn't updated their drivers in about 10 months. I couldn't even get the new Detonator 3.53 drivers to load! The NVidia web site says you can install the updates over older Detonator drivers without removing the old ones, "If you are already using NVIDIA drivers and have the NVIDIA Control Freak software installed, you do not need to uninstall before upgrading" but when I tried it, it said it couldn't find a compatible chip, rebooted my system and left me with a really screwy setup! I had to reinstall 2.08 and now it works great. I understand why Nvidia doesn't offer tech support, but even a ReadMe file would be nice! The 3.53 comes as an EXE with NO information on what to do with it...and I'm usually not one to just start a program with no idea as to what is going to happen. Anyone else have problems like this?

30th Nov 1999, 08:10 PM

I believe you are correct..I tried Nvidia detonators with my TNt2 and it was awful.

I went to my card manufacturer sitE (Guillemot) and downloaded their (Cougar) drivers ..which were far superior in performance.