View Full Version : GPF on Overclocked K6-2's

29th Nov 1999, 08:25 PM
While running UTDemo on a K6-2 350 OC'd to 400 (4x100), I kept getting a GPF. It may be that my memory couldn't handle the speed, but I'm not sure. I haven't tried Overclocking on the retail version yet, but was wondering if anyone else had trouble or success overclocking a K6-2?

AMD K6-2 350
Tyan Trinity 100 AT MoBo
64 MB (60 ns Simms) - very slow
Diamond Viper V770 Ultra (TNT 2 Ultra)
SB Live

30th Nov 1999, 03:01 AM
The Unreal engine is very finicky with oc'd cpu's. Try clocking it down a bit and trying it again.

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