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Oreo Twist
13th Sep 2001, 06:59 PM
Hello, I just started tinkering with Ued2 recently and have the basic hang of it and ive worked through the UTU tutorial.
Im looking for articles/posts/tutorials that can help explain in reasonable detail:
1) applying movers/making lifts doors etc
2) decor placement ie, placing wall ornaments and imported textures
3) optimizing the maps to run smooth

Thanks in advance guys!

13th Sep 2001, 07:14 PM
I forgot which website its hosted at but search (with google.com) for Wolf's Unreal website. It has some really good tutorials about movers as I recall.

For decorations placing them is easy, just go to the actor class browser and and extend it till you see decorations, extend that section and select the decoration you want by clicking on it, then in either one of the 2d or 3d views right click where you want to place a decoration and on the menu that pops up select the decoration, and it should appear there. If it doesn't appear it may not fit in the place you were trying to put it.
to optimize maps to run smooth, a simple way to test is to type "stat fps" without quotes of course into that text window at the bottom of the screen in unrealed. Then click in the 3d view and there should be a little readout in the bottom that states the number of polygons in view, number of nodes and the always important render time. You want to keep the number of visible polygons at about 160 or below if you want everyone to be able to play your map well (although with newer comps you could go quite a bit higher) The render time is how long it takes your computer to draw what is in view, this is important because things like decorations are not counted in the poly count but do increase the render time for your map and will slow it down a bit. I've also been told that moving textures on too many surfaces increase the render time and slow down the map overall. Make sure you test the render time in game while you are testing your map aslo as it can be different than what you see in the editor

Techno JF
13th Sep 2001, 08:15 PM
Exactly. All of what Meowcat said is very good stuff.

In addition, I would like to suggest UnrealEd.exe for good advanced tutorials on Movers. (It's in the FAQ posted at the top of the thread list for this forum.)

While there really isn't much to putting decorations in your maps except choosing them through the Actor Class Browser and adding them where you want them, it helps to know what they look like. The Mesh Browser will allow you to look at any of the models for the decorations in the game, and most of the meshes have names that are the same or similar as the Actors' names.

As for optimizing your maps, I would look up information on tutorial sites listed in the FAQ, especially pertaining to the definition and nature of BSP, the way brush solidity works, and the basics of textures and dynamic lighting.

Well, I hope that what I said will help. I also hope to see you around on the forums.

Oh, one last thing. Take a look at the location I have listed under my avatar. Hello, neighbor!