View Full Version : European 2 vs 2 league - STATUS UPDATE!

13th Sep 2001, 10:07 AM
Well it's almost up and running!!! Wirret and I are working together now on the project, and since he has much more time to work on it it's going much faster now. Wirret made the website for the project -- unfortunately still closed for the public for important reasons...

Anyway the point is, we need to know how many teams are interrested in the league! The rules are roughly based on the ILCR 2 vs 2 league (thanks to Anrky).

For now, we only need the team name and the 2 player names. So, if you already found a partner post it here!

If you don't have a person to play with yet, and really want to participate: there will be forums to arrange this kind of stuff in a few days!

So go on, post!!

13th Sep 2001, 10:26 AM