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13th Sep 2001, 12:00 AM
I want some type of ladder actor to place in a level so I can climb into various locations without using those invisible staircases. Based on all of the other mods that I have looked into, it would seem to me that an acceptable ladder would be based on a trigger ( just for the touching/untouching thingy). Anyone have any success with this (that did not involve using a custom playerpawn)? Thanks for any help that anyone can provide!

13th Sep 2001, 01:12 AM
I'm sorry, but what was the question exactly?

13th Sep 2001, 01:38 AM
You should make him a ladder, didn't got that? :p

13th Sep 2001, 08:58 AM
The nicest ladder system I've seen uses a custom PlayerPawn class, so is only really suitable for mod projects rather than general mapping.

13th Sep 2001, 09:05 AM
Most of the Coders know that. But all the Mappers out there think its just a piece of Cake to implement for normal UT ...

An alternative could be a rescriptet Waterzone which will not give you the whatereffekt when your in and which will not play the Sound when an Actors enters the Zone ... my suggestion for a working ut ladder ...

btw , you could fiddle a bit around with ZoneFluidFriction and the Movement of the Player when he enters the zone so that moving gets a bit smoother ( i mean more behaving like ladder)

13th Sep 2001, 03:01 PM
Yes nighthack, I did know that it would be difficult to implement it ut (otherwise someone probably would have already done it)
Itry your waterzone idea (similar to the center of the level in DM-Pyramid) and I guess it will have to suffice for now. It works fairly well but can cause some errors in the level. Thanks for the suggestion. have you heard if U2 will have a ladder actor of some sort?

13th Sep 2001, 03:11 PM
iirc a while back in the mutation device forum i think it was bdb who posted the code for a simple ladder actor that when a player was touching and the pressed crouch they'd move up or down it depending which way they were looking. worked alright and very simple, could be embedded into MyLevel.

13th Sep 2001, 04:01 PM
I went to their website, but their forums seem to be down. Is there another place where it might be available

4th May 2005, 09:43 AM
There are two ways:

1) You have to make new playerclass and add new state - eg Climber (when player enter this state his phisics change to PHYS_Flying, and when he want to move forward he goes up), and new trigger. When player touches it, he goes to Climber state, when he untouches he enters PlayerWalking state.
2) Go to http://www.planetunreal.com/BDBUnreal/, go to maps and download CTF-DarkForest. There you can find another solution of Your problem.

4th May 2005, 11:13 AM
Thanks for posting Nargil :) (although I took care of this one a while back, guess I should have posted my results). I actually ended up making my own ladder actor. If the actor touching it was one of my playerpawns they would go to a ladder climbing state (for proper anims) otherwise the player would simply have it physycs set to PHYS_Flying. Worked well enough although bots did not use it, unlike the modifed waterzones which bot navigation code "understood" reasonably well.