View Full Version : Unreal Tourney: Screenshot key or demos?

29th Nov 1999, 04:41 PM
Can anyone tell me what the screenshot key is in Unreal Tourney? (or what console command I need to enter to bind one?)

Also, can you record demos in Unreal T? Can someone tell me the console commands please?



29th Nov 1999, 04:47 PM
the F9 key is for screenshots. Thhey will be saved as a SHOT0000.bmp in your UnrealTournament/system folder.

To record a demo
1 Bring down the console
2 Type "demorec XXXX" where XXXX is the name you want to give it
3 When you are done recording bring down the console and type "stopdemo"
4 It will be stored in your UnrealTournament/system folder as XXXX.dem
5 To watch it bring down the console and type "demoplay XXXX"

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