View Full Version : Advanced Options probs with Opengl or Direct 3D

Peter Lockery
9th Feb 2000, 07:43 AM
Can anyone help me?

I have just started playing Unreal.
The CD version is 223. I have loaded patch 224 and 225 so that OpenGL or
Direct 3D is available.
When I go to advanced options and choose OpenGL or Direct3D the game changes
to those options.
But after that I cannot get back into advanced options.
The game gives me a critical error which starts off like this:

"Assertion failed: SetPixelFormat(hDC, nPixelFormat,&pfd)

History:...... " for another 10 lines.

[Update: I seem to have no problem getting back to advanced options if I run unreal in a window. The problem seems to occur when playing in full screen mode or when I try to toggle from window to ful screen mode]

I have a 433 Celeron running on a slot 1 motherboard with 64meg of SDram. I
have an 8Meg Video Excel Intel 740 chip video card (with latest drivers from Intel's site).
My monitor is a Viewsonic 15" E653, set to 800x600 in high colour (16bit) normally and 640x480 in
the game itself under Open GL.

Can anyone tell me why I am getting this error?

Any help much appreciated.

Peter L.