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10th Sep 2001, 03:37 PM
One part of our project requires an object wihch mirrors the mesh of an object to which it is attached to, not unlike the ut shield belt effect, how it makes a 'bubble' around the player model, which synchs through all animation and such.

Now here is a question, i want this 'bubble' to remain even after the palyer dies, thus not being destrroyed when the owners health <= 0. This is only for the period of time while the dying player is still animating. The resulting carcass aspects and such are already taken care of, but here is the problem i am experiencing:

imagine if you will a palyer that is gibbed instantly; in this case the model itself is essentially 'destroyed' for our purposes, and gibs decoration things are spawned in its place... How can i make my bubble object only remain on a dead palyer while it is still 'exists', and be destroyed as soon as the vsible palyer is repalced by a carcass, or if the player is simply gibbed, and thus has no model to animate.

(i would also like to note that this class is not called from within the palyer / bot, and though i can add flags or such to our player / bot classes, they cannot dirrectly interact with the bubble object)

Second question, how can i make something invisible, but in a localised setup? this would mean making a mesh, say a bot, invisible, dynamically (so i could toggle bInvisible during play and the bot would vanish) but have whatever changes isolated to the client only? to put it a different way, a client player could do something which forces all things to become invisible, but to any other client, the models would not appear to change at all...

(though a sloppy way to do it, would 'bOnlyOwnerSee and BOwnerNoSee work for my purposes if both set to true?)

12th Sep 2001, 09:42 AM
To the first question: i suggest make it as the guys from Soulhunter did: Spawn a copy of the players Mesh in place, think that should work.

12th Sep 2001, 05:42 PM
You don't need to change the ppawns code, just check within your bubble i what state the owner is. Since a carcass is another actor, your bubble will completly ignore it. Look into the dying code, IIRC the player is gibbed when his health is below a value I can't remember ( but much lesser than 0 ).
So something like
if ( owner.IsInState('Dying') && owner.Health < gibvalue )

Might work.

To the second.
You could make the clients to change the mesh values of the actors around. This might work if you change the mesh in every Tick() of any actor you want to change. You must do it, because if the player who is server changes the mesh, the new mesh value will be replicated to all clients to wich the changed actor is relevant.
But IIRC Unreal first draws after a tick() then the replication comes.