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6th Sep 2001, 02:33 AM

I would like to know if I could suggest some features to be added to BDB Map Vote. I currently run a Win2k UT Server and lost my Admin Web Page cause of the creeping bug. I find it a bit annoying to enter the console commands, alt-enter, start browser and enter the admin page each time the map restarts.

Is it possible to add the following:

1: UT Server Admin page to manage UT for Win2k Servers who lost the admin page.
2: Make it similar to the current UT Admin Web Site
3: Add Game type voting as well. This will allow us to switch to another game type should one type get boring. (Maybe in the lower section of the voting menu)
4: Add Admin Insta Kick and/or Insta Kick/Ban for map or forever.
5: Add Idle Player Insta Kick or Insta Kick/Ban til next map.

Thanks in advance if you plan on dropping those in....

6th Sep 2001, 12:41 PM
I feel that the Administrative configuration settings window
should be in a separte mod not MapVote.
You don't want to have to download a bunch of unnessesary
code to client who are not going to admin the server.

This might be a good suggestion for DarkBytes new server admin
mod :

6th Sep 2001, 04:31 PM
Ok understand, however, items #3,4,5 should be considered atleast.

game type, idle kick and Admin insta kick should be part of Mapvote.