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5th Sep 2001, 12:17 PM
A section of code I'm writing is generating Accessed None errors in some of the default game code that I haven't touched, for example:

Assault0 (Function Botpack.Assault.FindSpecialAttractionFor:0081) Accessed None

I can find the code for FindSpecialAttractionFor in the Assault game, but where do I go from there? How does one track down the cause of these errors? What does the 0081 mean?

Thanks for any pointers...

5th Sep 2001, 12:21 PM
log log log :) I am currently fixing Accessed nones in my code too.

log("!!!!DEBUG!!!! GameCombo: "$GameCombo);

MapCombo.SetSize(CenterWidth, 1);
MapCombo.WinLeft = CenterPos;
MapCombo.EditBoxWidth = 150;
log("!!!!DEBUG!!!! MapCombo: "$MapCombo);

log("!!!!DEBUG!!!! MapListButton: "$MapListButton);
log("!!!!DEBUG!!!! MapListButton.WinWidth: "$MapListButton.WinWidth);
// MutatorButton.AutoWidth(C);

MapListButton.WinWidth = Max(MapListButton.WinWidth, MutatorButton.WinWidth);
// MutatorButton.WinWidth = MapListButton.WinWidth;

MapListButton.WinLeft = (WinWidth - MapListButton.WinWidth)/2;
// MutatorButton.WinLeft = (WinWidth - MapListButton.WinWidth)/2;
log("!!!!DEBUG!!!! MapListButton: "$MapListButton);
log("!!!!DEBUG!!!! MapListButton.WinWidth: "$MapListButton.WinWidth);
log("!!!!DEBUG!!!! MapListButton.WinLeft: "$MapListButton.WinLeft);

this is how I get rid of accessed nones :)

5th Sep 2001, 12:33 PM
Thanks! I've been using a combination of Log and BroadcastMessage to work out the bugs in my code, but I guess I'll have to start adding them to the base UT code in order to find the problems I'm indirectly causing there. :)