View Full Version : Few questions

5th Sep 2001, 07:32 AM
1) Eeeeeeerrh... one of my zone portals is slightly solid in certain areas. Its just a water portal, but you can't surface/ can walk on water in some places. I messed a little with order and solidity of nearby objects, but its still there. :( Any suggestions?

2) Remind me again what I need to do to get a smoke hose to work? I placed the hose and the dest, gave them the same tag... no smoke. ??

3) Whats the max height a player can fall from and not take damage?

4) Why did that Kiwi cooler I drank half an hour ago taste like sh*t?


Ren Höek
5th Sep 2001, 09:18 AM
1: WHAAAT???? I encountered many problems in the past with editing, but walking on a sheet is something I never managed to do, damn, if I where you I would apply for a patent on that:P

2: dunno, check CityIntro.unr

3: make slopes with different hights and jump of them one by one

4: becouse kiwi has to much vitamins in it