View Full Version : Friggy USB modem...

4th Sep 2001, 07:49 PM
PII 350
128mg RAM
Voodoo 3 3000
Win 98

Ive written this before but I got no reply! No one helped me! Bastards....:(
But I gots a 64 k USB cable modem, an a nice fresh d/l of INF 2.86, but when I try to play online its nearly unplayable. I gets a 11 fps average, and I ALLWAYS have the little disconected phone socket at the middle right of my screen, whats goin on!?
Is ma old comp juss not good enough any more?
I was told it is because ma processor isnt fast enough and also because ma modem is USB connected an it uses too much resources' or somthin like that. But I dont have any real problem with any other games on line.
One of ma mates got a AMD 1300, TNT2, an a 56K an hes got PERFECT framerates, an NO LAG!!! It has to be my processor right!?
Please give me some suggestions im gettin real amped about this.