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24th Jan 2000, 03:21 AM
UT does run much better than Unreal.

I think it has to do with the fact that Unreal doesn't have a rendering distance. Meaning it renders everything. Whether you can see it on the screen or not. Ut does have a rendering distance, which speeds things up.
Not to mention they probably went through and threw out or rewrote all the ineffiecant code.

24th Jan 2000, 03:26 AM
Does anybody know why UT runs so much better than Unreal? I got UT before Unreal and I was blown away by the graphics and sound quality. When I bought Unreal, I was disappointed that it's not as "efficient." Specifically, I have to turn the sound quality way down (no stereo, low sample rate, etc.) and video quality, too, compared to the settings in UT. If I turn the settings up, the game inevitably freezes.

It seems odd to me that this is the case since these games use the same engine. Unreal kicks *** but I'd like it to look and sound as good as UT. I suspect that if I had more RAM, I could crank up those settings (I have 64MB). Just curious....


24th Jan 2000, 04:00 AM
So if UNREAL works on my computer. Does that mean UT will?

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24th Jan 2000, 10:43 AM

My guess is that UT will run nicely if you are able to run Unreal. Try downloading the demo from unrealtournament.com. There is a link in the left frame. Let us know what happens!


24th Jan 2000, 11:33 AM
UT auto ajusts detail and other things that that the game remains smooth. In Unreal you have to do it yourself. I have P2 350Mhz with 128 Megs of RAM and a Voodoo2 12 Meg 3d card. I have no problem runing either game. Maybe you need to free up some resources on your PC.

24th Jan 2000, 02:04 PM
See, that's the thing. I try to free up all the resources that I can. I quit all programs, even ctl-alt-del and shut the virus scanner, etc. It's not that Unreal runs badly, I would just like it to run better. FYI, I am running a 550 Athlon, 64MB RAM, Aureal vortex2, and a generic Savage4 16MB video card.

27th Jan 2000, 06:33 PM
Yup, UT seems to run better. Could have something to do with not having to worry about single player nmy AI or something, I dunno. They did refine the orginal engine so that's probably the main reason. It would be nice if Epic could release the UT engine in a patch form for Unreal!


28th Jan 2000, 02:45 AM
Where is a good FTP area I can download UT from?

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28th Jan 2000, 02:02 PM
I hope you mean the demo...

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4th Feb 2000, 04:19 PM
What the heck are all of you smoking???? I recently purchased and ran UT.....Unreal runs better though I will agree sound and graphics are better in UT "WHO CARES!"....I would rather have it run better without lagging me so bad during fights I cannot even engage the enemy...Oh yeah do not try to get wise and think of why I am having problems because I have done it all and I am running a solid system (PII350, 128MB RAM, VOODOO3, ADSL). Luckily I was able to return it....they broke the mold when they made unreal! If they could only produce an online game without lagg....now that would be a great thing INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!

5th Feb 2000, 07:14 PM
Hi there!

Guysmily: wrong! Unreal does have the LoD rendering feature since 224, meaning it decreases the model / world /whatever polygons depending on distance from the viewer.

And it is correct that UT (might) run smoother than Unreal (depending on what gfx card you use). In addition to adjusting detail to maintain a minimum frame rate UT's D3D renderer is much more improved compared to Unreals (that's why everybody owning a non-Glide card cries for another unreal patch).

From what I can tell UT does not neccessarily run fine if Unreal runs smooth. I think Unreal works fine with 64 Megs ram (that's what I have) whereas UT REALLY needs 128 Megs or you won't enjoy online playing. However if you can run Unreal nice and smooth you will be able to run UT.... but to be able to ENJOY UT consider a RAM upgrade!

Cheers, Homie